PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-- The Phoenix Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened on the west side of town.

The shooting occurred just after 3:30 a.m. near the area of 91st Avenue and Campbell Road

According to Phoenix police, a man was driving in the area when someone from another vehicle fired shots at it.

The man was then struck and sustained life-threatening injuries.

Police added that the victim's vehicle came to a stop following the incident.

No other details have been released at this time. 

At this time, northbound and southbound traffic is shut down from Indian School Road to Camelback Road on 91st Avenue.

Traffic is also closed on Campbell Road at 91st Avenue.

Stay with Arizona's Family for more on this developing story. 


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(10) comments


We can just run the same story everyday since it seems there is another shooting on the West side every day. If you don't believe it's true, just review the last week's news stories.


What are you doing to help?


nooseman - What are you doing to help? Acting like it doesn't exist?

Show Me Data

"According to Phoenix police, a man was driving in the area when someone from another vehicle fired shots at it." Really? Where's the "(sic)" you regularly use when you cite others? When did you stop using correct grammar?


More West Valley losers doin' their thang. West Valley, the violent murderous blight of the State of Arizona.


*I would have called them 'thugs' but they consider that a compliment so I'll stick with calling them losers. No one thinks being called a loser is a good thing or a compliment. The losers doin' their West Valley thang.


ANOTHER shooting on the west side of phoenix. Come on trolls. The plumber wants to hear what you have to say


West side needs to be carpet bombed, no exceptions


If you live on the East side, you realize that would just make the West side closer, or maybe you'd then be in it- right? Wouldn't it be better to just extend the West side so far West that what's now the West side would be in the East side? It's no more nonsensical than your proposal and constructive, not destructive.


I've learned a lot about you, actually, and I've come to understand that we actually have very much in common (strangely enough). Graduated the same year, lived in Southwestern Ohio, fond of culinary arts, and were both incarcerated at one point. What a bizarre world.

I'm being nice here and trying to give you good advice, because I am a liberal (with a degree in Information Security)-- however, your blindness to your digital footprint needs to be addressed:

First: Change your username. You are putting your family at risk with the line of work you're in.
Second: Scrub yourself from the internet.
Third: Enjoy your Republican life!

I don't necessarily agree with you on political matters, but I do believe you have the right to live. Just think of me as a Common Sense Internet Fairy.

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