Abram Grace mugshot

Abram Grace, 40, arrested for sexual assault of developmentally disabled woman.

GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Gilbert police have arrested a man after they say he inappropriately touched a developmentally disabled woman at the day center where he works. 

Police say the 31-year-old victim told a staff member at the day center that she was touched inappropriately. 

The employee immediately called both Adult Protective Services and the Gilbert Police Department. 

Abram Grace was arrested Wednesday on one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse. 

Police say there are no other known victims and the day center has been fully cooperative with the investigation. 


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(19) comments


Where's the proof, can a mentally challenged say you did this or that and send you you to death chair .


What's your primary language, Robs? I mean the one you spoke when you were a ребенок? Do you work with nutsplash? You seem to have had the same English teacher, and share a Russian-to-English dictionary.


Don't let them IN or reside in OUR country. Extermination is best.


Hey Black Heart. You must be filled with hate. I feel sorry for you. He is probably 6th generation. I bet his roots go back farther than yours in America.


nutsplash hails (and posts) from overseas. He's just trying to stir up contentions.


I thought the legislature passed into law about a year ago they people who say the are a viciof a crime were no longer going to be called "victims" by courts but the instead we're going to be referred to as alleged victims before a conviction of a suspect, if there is a conviction. Then, if there is a coviction the person would be referred to as victim. This removes the verbage of guilt being associated with a person who has not been convicted and may not have committed the crime, if a crime was even committed. News media should follow this same practice of possibly be sued for defamation.


*...or possibly be sued for defamation.

JF Conlon

Does this mean if a person is maimed, raped etc. by another that the "alleged" victim could be in doubt for years until the "alleged" evildoer is convicted? That sounds wrong to me. Not saying you're wrong, the law is.


Actually the presumption of innociis more important. It would also be better to say, "The suspect allegedly did..." instead of, "The suspect did...". Because we're potentially talking about an innocent person being sent to prison, it happens all the time. Let the evidence speak not the words used by law enforcement who want to win the case on the person they filed charges against. If there's obvious physical damage to a person than they may obviously be the victim of something but weneed to protect innocent people from being wrongfully accused, charged, and convicted of something they didn't do. Then there are other situations like this couple in Scottsdale with the dom/sub situation. Did a crime even take place? How can she be called a victim? Shete en saying she's not a victim and that the entire situation was consensual.

JF Conlon

Agree with you & I also support the Innocence Project. But I hope our laws don't get strangled in semantics.


JF - The Innocence Project has done great work and has gotten many innocent people out of prison. Was going to mention them in previous comment but decided not to.


This is another case of fraud and the "Me Too" movement.


When are we as a society going to put a halt to these crimes, by actually using the death penalty? These rapists and child molesters and pedos need to be put down immediately. And not all tough guy revengeful talk. Just put them down after they’re convicted. We put rabid animals down and these “people” are no better. They’re a threat to society and the psychological damage they inflict is almost as bad as the actual crime. We owe it to the victims and to ourselves to put an end to this behavior.


Dingusdad - I don't disagree with enforcing the death penalty MUCH more than we do currently. That said, it's a falsehood to believe that putting people to death will PREVENT future crimes (except by the person executed) especially by people with mental health issues. If you're disturbed enough to commit rape you have mental health issues and the threat of the death penalty will not impact your behavior. Again, I'm good with killing these people (and others) but let's not delude ourselves into thinking it will prevent future crimes.


Smash his genitals with a 10lb sledgehammer then lock him up and throw away the key

Agustus Gloop

If killing will make you happy, go for it. Make sure you are 110% correct, you are not killing an innocent person and if ever one of your family members is is on the chopping block, don't deny the other blood thirsty spectators their show.


If someone in my family was 100% guilty of doing something like this, I would be the first in line to volunteer to throw the switch. I don’t know how much of a deterrent the death penalty would be or is. I’m simply saying that when someone does something violent or perverted like this, that they should be put down. It’s not a dogs fault that it gets rabies, but we put down rabid dogs. I don’t see much difference between a rapist and a rabid dog. It’s not about revenge or a painful torturous death. It’s about closure for the victims and making sure the “people” that commit a crime like this never do it to someone else. If this was your daughter or mother or sister, would you be happy to let the monster off the chopping block?

Agustus Gloop

I'm not real keen on killing. You ask me to speculate how I would feel/respond if this crime were delivered upon one of my loved ones. I would hope I wouldn't call for the perpetrator's death to "bring me closure." I hope I would find a way to forgive this person and not carry hate and anger with me, for the rest of my life. You and ObeyLaws are correct, death penalty is not a deterrent to crime and I will add, there is no closure. I still grieve the death of loved ones that died many years ago.

Agustus Gloop

I might add, grief is the normal and natural emotional response to losing something/someone. When my parents died young, 6 months apart, people said I "lost them." Now that I have grown old and crippled, I grieve the loss of my youthful mobility.

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