BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- Buckeye Police Department is investigating a deadly crash involving two motorcycles.

The crash occurred 7:30 a.m. near the area of Miller Road and Pima Street.

According to Buckeye police, the crash involved two motorcycles whose riders were on a ride with a group of friends. That's when two of the motorcycles went down. One person sustained severe injuries while the other was injured but alert and talking.

That person with the severe injuries was taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. 

At this time, Miller Road is closed in both directions at Pima Street.


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(16) comments


Burp ! That's all I have to say.

Ktm Tony

It is really sad to read some of these posts. The assumptions some are making...just really a sad commentary on where we are going as a society.


Since both bikes were crotch rockets, my GUESS is the manner in which they were riding was probably not conducive to lawfulness.

Tentacles of Poison

Always eat white meat.


Culling the herd.


One more bites the dust, and anouther one's gone. We are just dust blowing in the wind. [crying]


no helmet. he was asking for it

Ktm Tony

Where did you read that?


They were BOTH wearing helmets.


Always support White owned businesses.


That is unfortunate, but if you ride a motorcycle on Phoenix streets you knowingly volunteer to shorten your own lifespan. Like all motorcycle riders, when it's all said and done they only have themselves to blame.


I thought you were big on obeying the law. If motorcyclists were always at fault, don't you think it would be illegal to ride on on the public streets? Or is this just your excuse to break the law when you see one?


Mr. Nuusmaan - I think you're confused. My comment has nothing to do with obeying laws. No amount of laws will protect motor cycle riders from getting killed (you'd be foolishly naive' to believe that.) And yes, I certainly include motor officers in my sentiments. The officers, if they're being honest, would be the first to agree with me. If you read my comments (which you do and I appreciate it) you'll often see me criticize the practice of using motorcycles in law enforcement these days. It has simply become too dangerous to justify it when we could just as easily put the officers in cars. Thanks for reading - keep those comments coming. That's how we learn!


BTW: Do you include the cops who get in accidents on their police-issued motorcycles?


RIP rider. I won't speculate on what happened here as I do not know, but I do know I stopped doing group rides a long time ago. If I don't know you well, I'm not riding with you.


[sad] Ughhhhh

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