SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Scottsdale police are investigating after a woman told police she killed her mother. 

According to Scottsdale police, the murder happened Sunday in a neighborhood near 64th Street and Osborn Road. But police first found out about the incident on Monday afternoon.

WATCH VIDEO: Police say Scottsdale woman killed her mother

[WATCH BREAKING: Woman accused of suffocating and killing her mom]

Scottsdale police say the suspect, 46-year-old Holly Brennan, went to a neighbor and asked her to call police.

According to court documents, the neighbor gave the phone to the suspect and told the dispatcher that "her name was Holly and she needed police there."

[WATCH: Scottsdale woman admits to killing her mom, police say]

Brennan also admitted to killing her own mother.

"I killed my mom," you could hear Brennan saying in a 911 call. "I smothered her."

During the call, the 911 dispatcher asks:" Is your mother not breathing?" Brennan replies: "Oh, my mother is dead."

The dispatcher asks: "And how did you kill your mom?" And Brennan replies: "I smothered her." 

Brennan later gave her address and clarified that she was there by herself and that her mother was in the bedroom. Officers later arrived to the apartment complex. 

[VIDEO: Elderly woman killed in Scottsdale apartment]

When officers asked how Brennan killed her mother, she told them that she "smothered her," and then said "my mother is dead."

Scottsdale officers then conducted a welfare check inside the apartment and found 79-year-old Sharon Simmons lying on her back, partly on a bed. She was pronounced dead by officers. Police say Simmons also had a pillow partially covering her face.

During police questioning, Brennan told officers that she "hated" her mother and "wanted her gone."

Court paperwork indicated Brennan killed her mom on Mother's Day morning. 

She told officers that she approached Simmons and pushed her down on the bed. Brennan then proceeded to smother her with a pillow in her hand, police said. Brennan told officers that the incident lasted for a couple of minutes.

Brennan added that she had thought of killing her mother on two different different occasions, once in 2017 and another in December 2018. After the second incident, she sought treatment. 

Police say after she killed her mother, Brennan said that she walked to a nearby Circle K and purchased "some vodka for herself and a gin for her mother." 

When she returned home, Brennan placed a bottle of gin on Simmons' stomach. 

"They handcuffed her and sat her down on the ground, and then they wouldn't let me out that door because they taped it all off," said Mike Bennett, who also lives in the apartment complex. "She said, 'I did it, I smothered her with a pillow,' and I'm like, ‘Am I hearing this?’"

Bennett said he came face-to-face with Brennan earlier in the day on his way back from the laundry room.

"I said, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ And she gives me this blank stare, like [I’ve] got three heads or something,” Bennett said.

Another neighbor, Patti Christian, said she had previously seen officers visit the home.

"Two times at least," Christian said. "They would go in and come out and say, ‘Oh, it was just something light."

Police said there is a history of domestic violence surrounding this family.

Brennan was later booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail and is currently facing a second-degree murder charge.

[SLIDESHOW: Mother killed by daughter at Scottsdale apartment]



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(29) comments


All of you are so wrong. I am the niece of that wonderful woman that was killed. No drugs involved. Try mental illness. Some of your comments are so simple and Ghetto.

TRUMP supporter

Is this how snottsdale snobs treat their mothers?


She could have just left and greatly reduced the contact between her and her mother.


Ever notice how 'white on white' violence is usually domestic-related and they don't present a threat to the public in general?? I mean, still not cool to kill your mom, but at least they don't visit their problems on innocent third parties.


YOu mean like the mass shooters? Yeah- might want to rethink.


You might want to check your facts instead of relying on an emotional media driven response. If a mass shooting or attempted mass shooting is committed by a non-white person the media doesn't cover it. Over 50% of violent crime is committed by a very small segment of the population and they aren't white.

Either way mass shootings are a statistical blip on the radar but the media knows that they can get a ton of business by covering the daylights out of it. All the low intelligence knee-jerk people out there go into a feeding frenzy after a mass shooting - especially if its done by a white person.

I'm not white either BTW, but the facts are the facts.


Mom must of really pissed her daughter off this time Third time was a charm


Whats the issue here folks ? Accidents happen.


nutsplash, then I guess it would be no big deal if someone suffocated you to death, huh? After all it would be just an accident, you heartless a-hole.


Just reading these comments can pretty well tell you what is wrong in our country.


At least she waited until after Mother's Day.


The daughter needs to have the same thing done to her. The punishment should fit the crime.


Hey Mom would you like me to fluff up your pillow


Dbreath - Shut up bigot.


You are typical ghetto trash


Are you sure you do not have a picture of the mother? She sure does not look 46.


my thoughts exactly - she looks as old as her mother.


Its that white privilege everyone cries about. That, or drugs. My money is on the drugs.

Agustus Gloop

You don't cry about white privilege, do you?


Nope. I just flaunt it in front of well spoken, envious failures like yourself. [thumbup]

TRUMP supporter

I agree with you on the drugs. What a life the druggies live. Mom give me some more money for some drugs or I will smother you with your pillow.


Yup, exactly.


Your comment just shows your ignorance. You have no clue.

JF Conlon

If this wasn't an awful mug shot, if her hair was combed and her expression was less miserable, she'd be a nice looking woman (not that it matters at all). How do you like your driver's license photo??


That darn eastside and their homicides!!! LiL' New Mexico huh?? lol... #EastsideKillas


Right in my backyard, shame


East Valley what do you expect?


happy mothers day ??


Women's prison comming up

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