PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A Laveen man is facing charges of kidnapping, assault and armed robbery after allegedly pulling a gun on a woman during a night out with friends.

Gilder, Andre

Andre Gilder, 55

According to police, Andre Armone Gilder, 55, was at the bar with the victim and a group of friends. When the group decided to go somewhere else, he offered to drive her.

Police say the victim questioned Gilder when he started driving the opposite direction from their destination. He reportedly told her that he needed to stop and find his ID.

According to the probable cause for arrest statement, Gilder pulled into an apartment complex near 27th Avenue and Indian School Road.

[WATCH: Suspect has long record]

Police say he showed the victim a Department of Corrections ID and told her he’d just been released after serving a 30-year sentence.

The victim “stated Andre began to change his attitude and started rubbing on her leg,” according to court documents. “[The victim said] Andre then looked at her while they were both sitting in the car and asked for her to strip off her clothes.”

The victim, who said she knew Gilder when she was younger but had not seen him “in several years,” told police he pulled a gun on her when she refused to take off her clothes.

She told officers that “Andre then racked the slide and showed [her] there was a bullet in the chamber,” according to the probable cause statement. “Andre then placed the gun against her head and demanded for her to strip.”

Gilder threatened to kill the victim and demanded “her personal items, such as her cell phones and money.”

The victim said she was able to escape and get help when another vehicle pulled into the complex and its headlights shone into the front windows, temporarily distracting Gilder.

The victim told police that Gilder had a distinguishing feature – “an eye that is cloudy.” She later identified him from a photo lineup, according to court documents.

Police used the victim’s iPhone to track Gilder to his mother’s home in the area of 51st and South Mountain avenues, where he’s been living. When officers caught up with Gilder, they found that he had the victim’s two cellphones and her ID.

Court documents list several of Gilder’s felony convictions on a variety of charges, including drug possession, car theft, shoplifting and aggravated DUI.

A judge set a cash-only bond of $100,000 for Gilder. He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on May 23.


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Tentacles of Poison

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Rico Rush

Anyone who goes home with that... deserves to what they get


He should work for Uber he is clearly qualified.

Agustus Gloop

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This must be the father of the punk in the Laveen school article. Not representing your race well fellas.

Tentacles of Poison

Spew the hate and you'll feel

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Comment deleted.

Go away, fear mongerer. Stop making assumptions.


Stupid woman. Get in a car with a stranger at a bar and then question him? I hope she learned her lesson.


Way to blame the victim, jerk.


Actually IM THE VICTIM your referring too and if you read the whole article genius you would see he WASNT A STRANGER. It clearly states I knew him.. next time before you try and place blame read the complete article sweetie !! but yeah lessons learned !

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Yours and other bigot rhetoric is getting old. Black, White , Brown... You all sound like a bunch of miserable idiots. I am calling on Channel 3 as an organization to either close the comment section down or put more effort into screening trash like yourself. You losers give AZ a bad name.


Needs to see a sex addict shrink [scared]

Wayne kenoff

My man just got out after doing a 30 year bid just to go back lmao


His right eye is bad but was in the driver's seat. dude must have outstanding peripheral vision..
He Kept playing the song by the Platters - Smoke gets in your eyes.
Does he blink or wink?


Well yeah, that's what convicts do. Duh!

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