CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Police have arrested a mother who is accused of leaving her infant in a hot car at a Chandler Target parking lot Tuesday afternoon. 

A man said he and another person in the Target parking lot, located near Arizona Avenue and Ocotillo Road, spotted the baby sweating inside a hot car around 4:30 p.m.

[WATCH: Woman who spotted crying baby says don't be so quick to judge mom]

The good Samaritan, who did not wish to be identified, said he used a tire iron to smash the car window. He was able to get the child out and to safety. He said that after being taken out of the car, the baby seemed to be OK.

"I had a bunch of mixed emotions when it happened, happy for the baby, very grateful for the woman," the man said. "It's just tough to see anything like that when there's a helpless infant in the backseat of a hot car."

According to court paperwork, video showed 39-year-old Holli Platt arrive at the parking lot at 4:07 p.m. and then entered the store with three of her children a minute later. Her infant was left inside the car.

About 18 minutes later, at 4:26 p.m., the window was smashed in and the baby was rescued.

Police believe temperatures inside the car rose by 25 degrees in the time span.

[WATCH: Baby left in hot car at Target parking lot in Chandler]

Platt was arrested and is being charged with child abuse.

In her first court appearance on Wednesday morning, her attorney told a judge that Platt has had no prior arrests or convictions.

"They own a business. They employ several people in the community. She is not a flight risk," attorney Theron Hall told the judge. "This is the first time ever she's been arrested, no prior misdemeanor, felony, arrest or conviction. She does not use drugs or drink."

Her lawyer claimed the infant in the car was not harmed and paramedics said there was no need for medical attention. He also said Platt has been a dedicated stay-at-home mom for 13 years.

"She obsesses over their safety, their cleanliness, they're well-maintained," Hall said. "She is a wonderful, loving mother to all her children. She doesn't let her kids eat junk food. She makes all their lunches to take to school. She has dedicated her life to all her children."

She told officers she "had no intent to leave her child in the vehicle," according to paperwork.

"[I'm] begging parents to take care of their kids, hug your kid tonight, and just always be aware when you have your kid with you," the good Samaritan said.

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The Valley temperature rose to 107 degrees by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Platt is due in court on Aug. 28 at 8:30 a.m. 


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(45) comments


Have I ever forgotten my kids in the car? No. Could I have? Easily. If you have ever done something so out of your routine or been so tired, it is very possible to forget a sleeping infant. Have you ever driven through an intersection and looked in your mirror because you don't remember if the light was green or not? The feeling in your brain is very similar. My youngest is now 4, but I still find myself doubting whether I actually dropped her off at school and go to the car to check. I always left my wallet in the back so I was forced to open the door when I got out.


She's a stay at home mom. Her purpose is the friggin kids. Stay at home moms aren't special, they're not martyrs, and this one couldn't manage to remember she has 4 kids, after 13 years of parenting. How can you remember to check for your wallet but not your kid? You should hire someone to take care of yours, sounds like it's a bit complex for you.


Because you don't always have your kid in the car with you. I've been carrying a wallet every day of my life for decades.


Problem easily solved by the car manufacturer. Car seatbelts, even baby seats, could be fitted with a magnetic, normally closed, dry contact switch. Using the cars key fob and the same RFID that senses your proximity to lock/unlock the doors, if it doesn't detect a break in the contact from the seat belt, meaning you left your kid in the car, it could activate the car horn within a few steps away from the car.

Michael A

"Police believe temperatures inside the car rose by 25 degrees in the time span."

Was someone there to take the temperature when the doors to the vehicle were closed? It might have been 65 degrees inside at the time. It could have been 80. No foundation there other than her forgetting/leaving the child behind.


She'll get lucky since she doesnt have a background. Dont get busted in AZ AND HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD!! or else u better run for the hills.


Nice job lady...If someone is in their right mind....they dont just 4get a kid. And she obviously just had the baby or infant not too long ago. COME ON THERES NO EXCUSE!!


Send her back! Send her back!


We should send her south, she'd fit right in. No sense of responsibility but probably tons of entitlement. That along with rampant procreation.

Rico Rush

I am familiar with this family, they make over $250k per year, and she is a self entitled rich white wife who will get off because she will hire the best lawyer money can buy for this case, and get off easy.


Sure will! In our injustice system money buys freedom and no money buys, well nothing!

Tony G

Not always. Depends on the judge.

Tony G

So, she's a rich moron, but a moron nonetheless. I hope they nail her anyway. Didn't bode well for Paris Hilton who L A County Sheriff Baca released early. The judge sent her right back, She served her time. Hopefully she gets a judge just like that. Her lawyer won't make a difference either way.


Nail her? Yea, those four kids will do great while their mom is doing hard time for leaving an unharmed kid in a car. Get real.


Why do you keep excusing this? If the kid had died, i.e. the samaritan not intervened, would you excuse it then? You're the reason this continues on, she should be shamed endlessly.


[ohmy] a white mom in Chandler!! BUILD THE WALL!![rolleyes]


Yeah, it's like she's out dealing drugs and gangbanging, right? We should encourage a culture that glorifies criminal behavior to immigrate illegally because some dumb **** left her kid in the car.


No harm, no foul!


Start arresting parents for tragedies that might happen in the future? We better start building more jails.


Thank god for the man who save that baby.


Thank god for that man being there.


You idiot's can joke all you want , that could have turned into a dead baby. I was outside in the heat for 20 minutes yesterday an it was f--cking HOT! These parents need to get their heads out of their a$$e$ an realize nothing is more important than their kids, either that or stop having them so we don't have to bury them.Nothing or mo one is more important than your kids. If you think different then don't breed.


I left my two year old son in the car once. At the time I was dealing with a lot of stress and stopped by a friends house to pick something up. When I got to the door he invited me inside to chat a bit. What was supposed to be a 10 second visited ended up being 20 minutes and it totally skipped my mind that I had my youngest with me until it was time to leave. Luckily it was still in the spring months. I ran to the car and opened the door. He was inside sweating away, poor guy. I still get a rock in my stomach when I think about it now over five years later... Since then I've talked openly about it and have come to learn that its something that happens WAY more than people realize, but its not talked about because of the stigma. Humans weren't programmed to function optionally in the modern world. Peoples' minds short circuit and stuff like this happens... I'm not saying it shouldn't be punished and it should always be investigated to see if it was intentional, but people who default to screaming "unfit parents" are just one mistake away from doing the same thing themselves.


I hardly think so, the ones screaming are the ones who put their kids first before anything else. If that was me that found that baby in the car i'd do the same except I'd be waiting for the parent to come out of the store an use the same pipe the window was busted with on them, an gladly go to jail knowing the parent felt some pain.


Scary. A thought experiment .. should you be charged with a felony now for that?

My point is, at what point is a hot child a felony? As tempting as it sounds, imprisoning parents for tragedies that may happen sets a scary prescedent.


please do not bring rational, understanding dialogue to the comments section.


She has 4 kids. Maybe when she loads the kids in the car, she takes a head count, and when she gets to her destination she takes another head count when she unloads. It did give the ages of the other 3 kids, if they were old enough, they could have said, hey Mom, you forgot one.


4 kids. mormon?


Tony, before throwing insults I suggest re-reading the context of the comment.

TRUMP supporter

A true blonde, dumber than a box of rocks.


A dizzy Lizzy . un mareado lizzy [censored]


“She had no intent to leave the child in the vehicle”.... well guess what u did!? Sorry as excuse! Stupid parents man! I hate reading and hearing these types of articules! It breaks my heart for the kids! I’m just glad the baby was rescued on time and nothing bad happen to the baby!

StanIey Trump

This girl reminds me of one of the girls uncle Donald used to hang out with. Yuck, WOMEN!


Dumb comment

Comment deleted.

I think you're the one that stole Stanley''s user name. Quit pretending to be someone you're not, Stanley Rump!

Comment deleted.
StanIey Trump

Are you mad bro??? GOOD! Everyone also knows all you do is post hate and discontent across these threads. Too bad if you're mad. This will not end 'cause I know it pi$$es u off. It's your payback for being the evil scum bag that you are. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

Comment deleted.
StanIey Trump

By the way little girl, I am Pro-Trump, even though he can be an idiot, but for the record, that's DONALD J. TRUMP, not Stanley Pipsqueak Wannabe Trump. Get over it. Now, come at me BRO! Bwahahahahaha!

Comment deleted.
StanIey Trump

Now hit that report button Marley. Hit it hard I have already stolen that name too! Bwahahahahaha!

Comment deleted.
StanIey Trump

Here Stanley Marley Trump. An All Day Sucker 8====D

Comment deleted.

Lmao hilarious! Props to the clone! Keep it up!


They gross me out too. I like schlongs


hopefully someone got the kid a snow cone

Tony G

These thoughtless idiots should have their child rearing privileges permanently revoked


Why wasn't the "guardian" identified? They would have been in the west valley. Again, why??

Dbreath you're a b.itch

Because the guardian is a DCS Case manager. The child was in the care of DCS. DCS sure doesn't want that getting out.

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