PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Cases of parvo are especially bad this spring, with Arizona being one of the states hit the hardest.

Animal experts say parvo can kill your dog within three days of exposure.

According to animal rescue worker Cheryl Wade, Parvo is always a worry. However, what's different this year is the amount of cases popping up so quickly.

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"We're scared.  I'm scared.  I'm on the streets 12 plus hours a day (looking for sick animals)," Wade said.

Wade blames a mild winter for the increase in cases. That is because parvo normally dies off in freezing temperatures.  This winter, though, it barely happened. 

To keep your dog safe, experts strongly recommend that you make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations.

Even with medical care, parvo has a less than 50% survival rate.

As for the warning signs, most dogs get unusually tired when they first get parvo.

From there, they will likely have major stomach issues and start losing weight rapidly.


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(9) comments


As a veterinarian in the Phoenix area, I can tell you the information in this "article" is irresponsibly and recklessly incorrect. Parvo is a virus, it does NOT die from freezing, it is spread by fecal matter, and properly treated dogs have a very good to excellent chance of survival. PLEASE consult your veterinarian! Parvo is almost completely preventable with proper owner education and proper vaccination scheduling!!!!!!!

AZ Native

Joules - Thank you for the information. Media everywhere is horrible these days.


Parvo is a virus more in puppies and can be transferred from animal to human to animal. So use bleach/wash clothing when near animals before being around any other animal. This will help the spread.


why would you want to help the spread you idiot?

Otis C

An exercise is journalistic excellence! Blame it on our average winter here in AZ without doing any research.

Big Rich

And no description of what parvo is.......a virus? a parasite? a poison?......
Come on people......please start hiring real journalists....if such a thing even exists today......


Thank you for a complete and well-written article.


complete? well written? Go find some parvo and inhale

Paul Labiche

I believe it was sarcasm

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