3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Jason Wilhite says he can finally move on.

He has $5,100 back in his pocket and claims he has 3 On Your Side to thank.

“This is actually a closure for something that's been going for at least six months," Wilhite told us. "The only reason I got my refund is because of 3 On Your Side."

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, Wilhite explained how he's been remodeling his home, including his kitchen. That's when he paid a company called HKS, which also goes by Home Kitchen and Stone, $5,100 for new cabinets.

But, that was back in June and HKS never did come up with those cabinets, forcing Wilhite to pay another company to do the job which they did.


Wilhite had been trying to get his $5,100 back from HKS for six months.

However, Wilhite says trying to get his $5,100 back from HKS has been impossible and it’s been six months.

“I was just frustrated with email after email. I was not getting a response and I didn't know where to turn," he said.

So, he turned to 3 On Your Side and we emailed and called the company numerous times without response.

So, we paid a little unannounced visit to HKS. When we arrived, the doors were locked. But, we couldn’t help notice someone inside looking through the blinds. Although no one opened the door, we left a business card and told them why we were there.

“I'm leaving my business card," 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper said through the door’s mailbox slot.

We also emailed the company once again asking them to return Wilhite’s money. And, they finally did.


We also emailed the company once again asking them to return Wilhite’s money. And, they finally did.

Wilhite says if it weren't for 3 On Your Side, he wouldn't have received his $5,100. He’s been trying for months and it took 3 On Your Side less than a week.

"3 On Your Side was a great resource for me to go to and it allowed me to get answers and get my refund without having to hire a lawyer," he told us.

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