GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- The Glendale Police Department is investigating after a fight involving teenagers broke out at a roller skating rink overnight that sent one person to the hospital.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Great Skate plans to permanently ban the teenagers involved in the fight.

The incident took place at Great Skate near 43rd and Peoria avenues. The event was hosting an overnight skating event from 8 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday.

Glendale Police Dept. spokesman, Sgt. John Roth said about 27 Glendale officers, along with multiple Phoenix Police, arrived at the skate park after a shooting was reported around 9:43 P.M. The shooting turned out to be a false report, said Roth.

Great Skate's general manager J.D. Baker declined to talk on camera, but said the company doesn't plan to have anymore overnight skating events and referred to a written statement on Great Skate Glendale's Facebook page:

In an email, Baker stated great skate has been open since 2001 and the max capacity is 1,100 guests. "On our all night skate, we were barely at half of the capacity that is permitted," he wrote.

Arriving officers did find a situation out of control with hundreds of kids causing a disturbance that was reported by the two off duty Glendale officers working the event. Roth said many of the attendees left the building during the fight was unfolding. Several nearby businesses reported disruptions from the passing crowd, said Roth.

New today, Glendale detectives reported that multiple marked police vehicles were intentionally damaged by people as the crowd passed through the parking lot of the skate park. 

Great Skate was open for business today.

Some parents like Rebecca Hanrath heard what happened over the weekend, but didn't let that stop her from hosting her daughter's birthday party at Great Skate today.

"There's not a lot adult supervision (overnight). A lot of different groups of kids that get together, so I'm not too concerned today, but it definitely crossed my mind," she said.

Several parents told Arizona's Family that they got frantic calls from their children telling them to come pick them up. Some of them provided video of the scene.

In the video, you can hear teenagers screaming and running when the fight broke out.

One cop appears to be holding a teenager on the ground of the skating rink.

One dad had dropped off his 11 and 12 year old sons there and won't let them come back until security is tightened up.

He's not happy cops deployed pepper spray and a taser.

"For that night, I don't think they handled it very well," he said. "I feel that's not an appropriate action for kids."

Other parents don't think it's a big deal.

"When there's a bunch of teenagers involved, things happen. There's fights and I've seen it at high schools," said mom Kelly Hamilton. "Police have to be active and protect kids and sometimes it calls for pepper spray."

Amanda Blackwell has a 12-year-old daughter who wanted to go to the event Saturday night. She's glad she said no.

"I'm really shocked, it's crazy! I'm definitely not allowing my daughter to go there at nighttime anymore at all," she explained.

M’alika Davis-Flowers, a concerned parent said her son has been to a late night event here before.

She added that she was afraid for him when he told her teenagers were pepper sprayed and tased during the commotion. 

“I was hoping this was a safe place for him for his spring break," she said.

"But to be woken up in the middle of the night to see that some fight or something had happened. I’m just glad everybody is safe and for those who got hurt I’m very sorry to hear that."

According to Glendale police, one person was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. At this time, no arrests have been made, said Roth. It's also not known how many people participated, but charges are pending and police plan to release those details later this week.

Omarion Goodwin said police asked him to leave Great Skate because he didn't have his wrist band anymore.

"I was walking to get my bag, and I was walking to the door, and I guess I was like my sister was with me," said Goodwin. "The cops kept grabbing me, and she was trying to pull the cops off me. The cops threw me to the ground, and I got up, then they put the taser on me."

Goodwin's mom, Betty Jamerson, said police called her.

"He was crying," said Jamerson. "He was shaken up. He was really scared."

Goodwin said police put him in handcuffs until an ambulance took him to the hospital.

"The taser had deployed twice, so they didn’t know if it was going to affect his heart or anything like that," said Jamerson.

Goodwin said police also sprayed him with mace, and he claims he never touched officers.

"I didn’t want to go to jail," said Goodwin. "I’m not that type of kid."

"I’m pretty sure all the kids were not cooperating with the police because they were trying to get away," said Jamerson. "Kids, they only know how to protect their selves. They’re not use to all this when they’re real kids."

Great Skate released the following statement on Monday: We extend our deepest apologies for the behavior of the teenagers that attended that acted disrespectfully and in some cases violently towards our other valued guests and staff. We extend an extra special apology and thank you to the Glendale Police Officers who had to assist us that evening. We are endlessly thankful for their presence. We are working closely with authorities to arrest those involved and plan on cooperating in whatever way we can. Any teen that took part in the incident Saturday night has been banned from Great Skate permanently and we will continue to enforce this policy in the future.

Stay with Arizona's Family for more on this developing story. 


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