PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- A North Phoenix man said an intruder sliced his stomach with a box cutter Monday morning.

He said it happened in the backyard of his apartment near 14th Street and Mountain View.

Phoenix Police said officers still have not found the intruder.

[WATCH: Phoenix man says would-be thief slashed him with box cutter]

"I heard some noises out back, and I went out back, and there was an intruder," said Thomas Kimbrell.

He said the intruder was rummaging through boxes in his yard and outdoor closet.

"Worried about my family," said Kimbrell. "There was a window that I was afraid he might go through."

Kimbrell said he confronted the man as his family slept inside.

"He freaked out, said some words in Spanish, pushed me, I pushed back, and we started fighting," said Kimbrell.

He said the man sliced his stomach with a box cutter.

"I started panicking a little more, and then he took off over the fence," said Kimbrell.

Police arrived, and Kimbrell said he went to the hospital with cuts on his stomach and hand. He also had a bruise on his head, but he will be okay.

"I had an angel with me," said Kimbrell.

He said he wishes he could have held the man until police got there, but he said he plans to add security cameras to his yard to keep his family safe.


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(8) comments


The mark of Zorro or back end of Borro[ohmy]


And I bet you go cheap on the cameras.


So what did he look like ? He looka like man [huh]

Wayne kenoff

That’s why everyone should own a firearm.


Tell that to the poor man who shot his (innocent) daughter thinking that she was an intruder. The ratio of people who get harmed mistakenly to bad guys getting shot is quite high. Look it up.


Do everyone a favor and DON'T get behind someone with a gun when you need protection. You're about as worthless as a wart.


indulge me, what should I google?


Your mindlessness finally caught up with you. You cant see it, so ill show you. The man who shot his daughter, shot THROUGH A DOOR..which is fuki.n re.tarded. Blindly shooting off rounds without seeing your target is careless, unsafe, and hes paying for it now. In this story, the resident clearly was able to identify the person as an intruder. As soon as they stood up and came at me, it would have been pew pew pew, and done. Two COMPLETELY different set of circumstances..its a mindfreak that you can compare the two, and actually think you are making appoint.

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