A shooting at a Phoenix short term rental home left bullet holes in surrounding homes and stunned neighbors.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- A Phoenix father and his neighbors are stunned after a short-term rental party turned violent early Sunday morning near 56th Street and Bell.

The neighbor, who did not want to be named, said children were sleeping behind a window as shots rang out. Four bullet holes now surround that window, very close to where they were sleeping.

"My family, my kids, definitely terrified," the neighbor told us. "Just by the grace of God none of them went into that window."

When he heard the shots, he called 911. "We had rounds hitting the front side of my house. You could hear them hitting the brick."

Several cars and houses in the neighborhood have bullet holes in them. Phoenix police said there was a party at a short-term rental when the shots were fired.

They said a man from the party was shot, but will be okay. Officers said the man who was hurt was not cooperative, and they still don't have a suspect.

People in the community expressed concern that there was a party at the short-term rental.

On a typical summer weekend, the crowd gathered at the north-central Phoenix short-term rental house would be no more than an annoyance to the rest of the neighborhood. But this was July 5, 2020 - during the middle of a pandemic.

Attorney Christopher Charles says, "...per the recent law passed by the Phoenix City Council in February of this year, short term rental operators are prohibited from hosting special events, nonresidential uses, and liquor sales at short term rentals."

“The City of Phoenix adopted the Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance in January after the Arizona Legislature authorized municipalities to create provisions for short-term vacation rentals," said Tom Galvin, Attorney for Rose Law Group. "The Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance requires owners of short-term or vacation rentals to provide emergency and complaint contact information and to register with the city’s rental registry. You need to post your city registration number with any online posting. If a police officer contacts you, you must be available over the phone or text, within 60 minutes after receiving the request. In March, the Phoenix City Council adopted the Loud Party Ordinance to address loud party noise issues in general and with short-term vacation rentals, in particular.​“

The owner of the short-term rental house did not want to comment.


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