The Arizona Department of Public Safety has set up a hotline number of 602-223-2389 and a website of for people who may have been victimized by Jackson.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- Court documents have revealed shocking new details about the alleged actions and words of a former DPS trooper arrested on 61 sex-related and kidnapping charges.

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Tremaine Jackson, 43, was arrested Tuesday. He made his first court appearance Wednesday morning.

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The investigation into Tremaine's behavior started on May 19, when a woman said that Jackson made inappropriate comments to her during a traffic stop.

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As the investigation continued, more women started coming forward with complaints about Tremaine.

"We were horrified," said DPS director Col. Frank Milstead.

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So far, at least nine victims have been discovered, and DPS says more victims could be out there.

DPS says it has found that "a pattern of offenses and a history of behavior by Jackson existed before and after the [reported] assault."

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Jackson would say things repeatedly to the women like, "What am I gonna do with you?" and "What are you willing to do for me?"

“Those two make sense to me,” said psychologist Dr. Petra Peper.

Peper said those comments are used to clearly establish he was the dominant, and the accusers were his subordinates, something she sees often with sexual abuse cases.

Your guard is down so you’re much more thinking this is somebody who will protect, take care of me,” she said. “To think about how that can turn, and it just makes your brain spin and it’s really hard to recover and you lose your mental ability to wrap your brain around that.”

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Dr. Peper said the women likely faced another internal challenge in reporting the abuse because he was a trooper.

“I don’t know if anyone will believe me,” Peper said.

She said the higher the authority, the less likely women feel their story will be seen as the truth.

There are disturbing details are emerging about the things Tremaine allegedly said and did during these traffic stops.

What follows is a detailed account of what victims say happened during each traffic stop, according to the court paperwork.

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-Dec. 15, 2018 11:45 p.m.

-Near 35th Ave. & McDowell Road

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #1) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

On Dec. 15 of 2018, Jackson stopped the woman (Victim #1) for alleged "unsafe lane usage." He pulled her over at a Jack in the Box restaurant near 35th Avenue and McDowell.

The victim told police Jackson held her for about an hour, making her perform a number of field sobriety tests. She said Jackson questioned her about her personal life, and when she asked (multiple times) if she could leave, Jackson wouldn't let her.

She said Jackson told her she was a beautiful woman with "nice lips" and asked her to turn around/spin for him.

She said Jackson commented on her body and told her she was "well-proportioned."

When the woman asked again to leave, she claimed Jackson told her "she had two options: Jail, or get a ride home and coffee." She says when he asked her for her cell phone number, she gave it to him because "she was trying to appease him to allow her to leave."

The woman says Jackson grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him, and he then told her "she caused him to have an erection."

The woman told police that Jackson told her "three times to touch his erection." She said she did not want to, but says he took her hand and placed it on his groin.

Later, court documents state that Jackson texted the woman (she did not reply) and added her to his Snapchat account and requested to follow her.


-Dec. 22, 2018 2:17 a.m.

-Northbound I-17 Frontage Road north of McDowell

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #2) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

Jackson performed a traffic stop, instructing the female driver (Victim #2) on his PA to pull over at a tire shop near I-17 and McDowell Road. The woman said she was not speeding and did not commit any violations.

The woman said Jackson never asked her for ID, but just made conversation with her while he "was staring at her breasts, grunting and making sounds."

The woman said Jackson took her phone. He then performed field sobriety tests on her as he was "staring at her breasts and making grunts and sounds while looking at them. She says Jackson asked her what her bra size was, and "what she would be willing to do for him" for him to allow her to leave.

A short time later, the victim "said she agreed to perform oral sex on Jackson in order to be let free and not be charged."

The victim told Jackson "she could not do it there in public and to follow her to her friend's home down the road."

Jackson gave her the phone back then followed her to her friend's house.

The victim said she ran into the friend's house and locked the door as Jackson searched for her, "using his flashlight to look for her in the house, through the windows." She says Jackson then got back on his motorcycle and rode around making figure eights for a few minutes in front of the house before he left.

The woman said Jackson had held her for more than an hour and says she never felt free to leave.

Jackson never reported the incident, and entered false information into the DPS system about the traffic stop, according to court paperwork.


-March 17, 2019 at 3 a.m.

-1515 N. 75th Ave., Phoenix

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #3) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

The third victim says Jackson pulled her over for allegedly speeding. She stopped at a Chevron station and had a female friend in the car.

The woman said when she stepped outside her car, Jackson told her she was a "pretty girl and he did not want to have to cite her for speeding."

She says Jackson asked her "what she was willing to do for him" to avoid a citation. (A statement Jackson has used with other women.)

The woman said she would wash Jackson's bike, and he "told her he wanted her to do it nude."

She says Jackson "told her if she showed him her breasts, he would not cite her," and asked her to "rub her breasts on him." He also said "he was getting excited" and asked her to touch his penis. For each of  those demands, the woman said she could not do it in public.

Jackson then asked her for phone number "and told her to send him nude pictures of her breasts, in exchange for no citation."

The woman said she was scared and just wanted to leave, and was scared to make Jackson angry.

Jackson finally gave the woman back her license, but never gave her a copy of the warning. He told the woman "to keep this between them and not to tell anyone."

However, the woman's friend in the car had taken a picture of the encounter on her cell phone.

Court documents state that Jackson later texted the woman and asked for the nude pictures. The woman replied that she felt very uncomfortable and asked him not to contact her again. He replied that he would not.


-Jan. 11, 2019 2:42 a.m.

-Southbound I-17 at Thomas Road

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #4) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

The woman (Victim #4) says Jackson claims he stopped her because she was speeding and weaving, but says she really thinks he stopped her to talk to her.

She says he placed his hand on her face and said: "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you." (A statement other victims say he has used.)

The victim says she asked several items to leave, but that Jackson held her there for more than an hour.

She says Jackson asked for her phone number and she gave it to him.

Court documents state that the woman later met up with Jackson three times, including once for lunch at a Glendale doughnut shop.

She claimed there was no sexual or physical contact between her and Jackson.


-Oct. 29, 2018 1:05 a.m.

-Near 51st Ave. & McDowell Road

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #5) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

The woman claims Jackson pulled her over after she did a "rolling stop" at an intersection.

When Jackson approached her car, he asked her, "So how are we gonna solve this?" The woman said that at the time, she did not perceive the comment "in a dirty way" but now, after thinking about it, thinks Jackson was offering or implying something."

The woman told him she "was tired and in no mood to deal with this," and said, "you write a ticket and I am going home."

She says Jackson sat in his car for 45 minutes before returning her license. He never gave her a warning or a ticket.


-Nov. 24, 2018 3:44 p.m.

-Gas station at Northern & 27th avenues

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #6) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

The woman says Jackson was parked at a convenience store and stared at her as she walked into and out of the store.

He later followed her and initiated a traffic stop.

She said she "felt like Jackson was trying to pick up on her, and thought he was going to ask her for her number."

Then, a collision was heard nearby and sirens sounded. That's when Jackson abruptly left the scene.


-Dec. 23, 2018 3:29 a.m.

-Verrado Way south of I-10 in Buckeye

According to the police report, this is the account the woman (Victim #7) gave of her encounter with Jackson.

The woman was headed home from her job at an adult dance club when Jackson pulled her over.

She says Jackson took her keys out of the ignition. She then told him her license was suspended, and that she had no problem going to jail, but that she didn't want to car towed since it belonged to her mother.

She says Jackson asked her "What are you willing to do?"

When she told Jackson she was a dancer, he said "You look pretty good" and shined his flashlight up and down her body.

When she asked if she was going to be arrested, Jackson said "No, you're not free to go yet. I'm not finished with you."

The woman said she begged Jackson not to tow her car and told him "she would do anything to avoid it being towed."

She says he kept making comments like "I need you to convince me right now or I'm gonna arrest you."

Jackson asked the woman about her work schedule and asked if he could come see her dance. He also asked her out to dinner, and said, "If I take you out to dinner, can I show you a good time?'

The woman said that even though she told Jackson she was in a relationship, he still held her there for two hours.

He asked the woman for her Instagram account and Snapchat user name and took her phone number.

The woman said Jackson warned her to never talk about the incident, then asked her, "You're not going to kiss me?"


-Oct. 30, 2018 4:14 a.m.

-Gas station at 67th Ave. & Latham Street

According to the police report, this is the account the women (Victim #8 & #9) gave of their encounter with Jackson.

Jackson was working an off-duty security job when he conducted a traffic stop in his DPS patrol car. This was not a situation in which he should have been making traffic stops, says the court paperwork.

Victim #8 was driving and Victim #9 was in the front passenger seat. They say that Jackson asked Victim 8 to sit in the back of his patrol car. He asked her "What do you think we should do?" to which she replied, "I don't know; you're the boss."

She later said that "she presumed Jackson was going to take her to jail so she might as well sleep," so she went to sleep in the backs eat of his patrol car.

Meantime, Jackson was talking to Victim 9, asking about her job as a dancer, complimenting her tattoos and rubbing and caressing her arm.

When Jackson said, "What do you think I should do with you guys?" she first said she would give him money, then said she would give him a dance. He asked, "Just a dance?" suggesting a dance was not enough. The woman stated that she thought Jackson was trying to get her to perform sexual favors.

He told her that his body camera was turned off.

The woman says he then grabbed her hand and placed it on his groin on he outside of his uniform.

In order to get away, the woman told Jackson she "would take care of him if he let them go," and stated "you do me a favor, I do you a favor.'"

She says Jackson finally let them both leave, but he later contacted her on Snapchat and asked: "You forget about me?"

[RAW VIDEO: Ex-trooper accused of sex abuse walks into Maricopa County jail]

Between Jan. 1, 2018, and June 11, 2019, records show that Jackson stopped more female drivers than male drivers.

Court documents state that "Jackson generated DPS warnings with false information, false times, false locations, false violations and with no legal violation of law to conduct the traffic stop."

"During traffic stops, Jackson behaved unprofessionally, exhibited specific body language... when placing the female victims in positions of desperation and fear," the court documents continue.

Jackson used his authority as a peace officer to further his "predatory behavior and illegally detained women he found attractive."

In addition, court documents show that Jackson claimed overtime hours that were not earned, and "while Jackson claimed such overtime compensation for work, Jackson was targeting and assaulting female victims."

He was using his position of authority to extort sexual favors," Milstead said.

Jackson worked for DPS for 13 years and was most recently assigned to the Metro Motors District. He has since been been fired.

He faces 61 charges including sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, sexual extortion, kidnapping, tampering with public records and forgery.

DPS is asking any other possible victims to come forward.

"I implore anyone who had contact to Trooper Jackson who may have been affected by him, who may have been victimized either commentary or through physical action by Trooper Jackson to please come forward and let us know about your inappropriate experience," said Milstead.

The department has set up a hotline number of 602-223-2389 and a website of for people who may have been victimized by Jackson.

When Jackson appeared in court Wednesday morning, his lawyer, David Cantor, stated that Jackson is a military veteran who takes care of seven kids.

Cantor said that Jackson has known about the charges since June and did not try to leave the state.

The judge set a secured appearance bond of $150,000 for Jackson.


We asked DPS what someone should do if they ever feel uncomfortable during a traffic stop.

They suggest the following steps:
-Get the Trooper’s name and badge number
-Make note of location, date and time
-You can call 911 and request another trooper
-You can file a complaint via phone or email
-Be specific about the situation, write down words exchanged and what happened 
DPS says every complaint is accepted and investigated immediately (valid or invalid.) The agency will follow up, and Internal Affairs will investigate.
The number to report a complaint is 602-223-2000.
Or go online and select “Contact a Duty Trooper."

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