GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The Glendale Police Department released redacted video of the brawl between teenagers at a skating rink during the weekend that send one person to the hospital.

The surveillance video shows multiple teens throwing punches at each other during an "All Night" skating event on Saturday night inside and outside Great Skate.

Police said around 9 p.m., when the skating rink was at capacity with more than 500 people, about 200 people were still in line outside and being turned away. That's when the fights broke out between the teens in the parking lot and continued into nearby businesses, police said.

The off-duty officers who were working security for the event called for backup officers to come in and stop the violence.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Numerous police vehicles damaged after teen fight at Glendale skating rink]

Along with multiple fights inside and outside the skating rink, police said people stole from the businesses and threw rocks at passing cars.

Officers said they had to use pepper spray to disperse the crowds.

Niquey Braker, who is just 11, was among the people who got sprayed.

“It feels like, comparing it to shampoo, it’s like ten times worse. It feels bad. Like you can’t see anything, it’s blurry, the pepper is cutting into your eye," she said.

She and her mom, Shawna Slarb, came with a few other people to try to stage a protest outside the skating rink Wednesday evening, but they were escorted off the property at the request of Great Skate.

Some also let people into the skating rink through a fire escape exit door.

Police said a 16-year-old boy didn't have a wrist band and was inside the skating rink and was disruptive. Police said an officer escorted him toward the exit, where he grabbed and ripped a sign posted at the door while knocking the display to the ground. Police said he then ran at an officer whose back was turned. Police said another officer pepper sprayed the boy and used a Taser on him. The boy's parents asked that he be taken to the hospital as precaution. Police want the boy charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Slarb saw the newly-released video.

While that was going on, other officers used pepper spray to get the kids to stop fighting. Police said they had to take down at least one teen who refused commands.

“It made me feel even more scared because you just see the spray of pepper spray coming out," she said. "We're sleeping peacefully thinking we're gonna pick them up at 6 am, not wake up to terror at 2 am and my daughter with bloodshot red eyes just been pepper sprayed."

Once the fights stopped, the event was put to an end.

Officers separated everyone by age and wait for their parents to pick them up.

During this time, police said teens jumped on police car hoods and kicked the body panels. The Glendale Police Department is still evaluating the cost of the damage to the vehicles.

Firefighters arrived and treated minor injuries from the fights, exposure to the pepper spray and other minor health issues.

Katt McKinney is one of the people who tried to protest Wednesday. She's upset with both Glendale police and the skating rink over how everything was handled.

“These are children. Nobody has the right to put their hands on our children. And so for them to do that, that’s child abuse!” she said.

Throughout their written statement, Glendale Police said many times that officers acted according to their training as they tried to diffuse a "mob-like environment."


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(9) comments


That was a brawl?


"No right to touch our children"??? They're violent kids! Granted, some innocent kids were caught in the crossfire and that's really unfortunate for the innocent bystanders, but sometimes you have to just say "wrong place, wrong time." The police did the right thing using tasers and pepper spray, not guns. I'd like to see the parents of these thugs -- kids are like carbon copies of their parents so they're probably just as bad.


[sneaky]Oh sure, the Police that?!


Obviously, these thug kids have not been taught what respect means. Maybe a pepper spray and taser education will teach what parents failed to do.


I find it very concerning that the parents take no accountability for their children in this situation.

Jenn Jenn

So I guess the ‘nobody has the right to touch our children’ lady is cool with just letting the kids beat the s*** out of each other while Glendale PD watches...hey maybe they could get some skates and just good off until the kids beat each other unconscious...and I’m sure Great Skate has intense security measures in place to make sure everyone is ‘unarmed’...these parents protesting are idiots just like their kids 😂 Go Glendale PD! You were able handle 700 kids without anyone getting hurt (because while getting pepper sprayed does hurt, just like the taser, it does not cause any long term effects).


i was at an establishment close by and witnessed dozens of unruly kids outside. If the kids inside acted like any of those outside, they deserved to be peppered and tased. It has also been said that patrol cars were damaged. These little darlings certainly were not innocent.


Cops did right. Everyone, including unarmed kids, need to listen and comply with cops or deal with the consequences.

TRUMP supporter

Who cares ? This was just a rumble between a bunch of unarmed stupid kids with no serious injuries.

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