New study says premium gas is a waste


"Everyone wants to save money where they can. Everyone wants their vehicle to run efficiently and you can do that by using the regular grade,” said Michelle Donati of AAA Arizona.

A new study conducted by AAA found that millions of drivers are unnecessarily using premium gas.

"We looked at things like fuel economy, horsepower, emissions," said Donati.

They wanted to see if there was a benefit to paying more for premium.

"What we found was there was absolutely no advantage to using premium fuel in a vehicle that only requires regular gasoline," said Donati.

We talked to drivers who bought premium because their car manual told them to.

"I think a lot of things these days are overhyped and overmarketed so lesson learned and I won't be buying it anymore," said Brandon Sickels.

Other drivers were not surprised.

"I’ve got a total of six trucks, big and small. I just use regular instead of premium because I feel the other is a ripoff," said Harry Siebrandt.

Die hard premium gas buyers disagree.

"I think it just makes my motor run better. I don't hear pings," Scott Boyd said.

Only 16 percent of vehicles on the road require premium gas so for drivers buying premium gas on a regular basis, it is costing them a pretty penny.

“It’s costing them $2.1 billion so a very large price tag that essentially is just thrown away and does nothing for your vehicle," said Donati.

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