(3TV/CBS 5) − One in eight adults suffer from chronic sinusitis.

It can be miserable.

Sometimes it's confused with other things, like having cold symptoms every day, all-year round!

Now there's a breakthrough fix.


An ear, nose and throat doctor at the Arizona Sinus Center Phoenix is now putting these in patients on a regular basis.

The device is called Propel.

It's an innovative FDA-approved medical device that's inserted following a sinus procedure.

The spring-like stent expands to prop open the sinus and gradually delivers an advanced steroid with anti-inflammatory medicine directly to the sinus lining, where it's needed most.

Then it dissolves into the body in about 30 days.

"Chronic sinusitis is diagnosed when patients have 12 or more weeks of sinusitis symptoms. Where this can really offer an advantage is improving the outcomes of endoscopic sinus surgery, so what we want to do is when patients have endoscopic sinus surgery, we want to prevent the need for more intervention," said Dr. Ryan Rehl.

"It's fun to be able to see over 35 years of having procedures done, that things are getting more refined, you don't have to go into the hospital or do an outpatient in order to get relief," said Scott Shelberg.

The result is improved surgical outcomes by reducing post-operative inflammation and scarring, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as oral steroids, and their potential side effects.

For additional information on Propel, go to www.mysinusitis.com.

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