WADDELL, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - New body camera video of a July 2018 car crash in Waddell shows critical moments after firefighters were shot at.

Those firefighters had to take cover, after the woman who caused the crash opened fire, police said.

[WATCH: New video released of standoff following 2018 shooting at crash scene in Waddell]

The incident turned into a standoff that night.

“It’s something that I’ll never forget,” said firefighter Aaron Fajardo.

Rural Metro firefighters Fajardo, Chris Robbins and Andrew Robinson began helping victims who had been struck by a woman in a silver truck, and Robbins knew something was off.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Firefighters shot at when responding to Waddell car crash, shield patients]

“Just the way she was acting, the lights were on, but no one was home,” said Robbins.

And then they heard screaming.

“And I hear, ‘She’s got a gun!” said Fajardo.

“She’s got a gun!” recalled Robinson.

“He yelled out, ‘She has a gun!’ And I just repeated, ‘Gun! Gun!’” said Robinson.

Police said Annette Dennis started firing several rounds.

“Two units showed up, and all we heard was ‘Shots fired! Shots fired!” a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputy is heard saying on the body camera footage.

MCSO deputies got to the scene quickly with rifles.

“Driver of the silver Ford, if you can hear us, open the door slowly showing both your hands!” the deputies yelled in the footage to Dennis.

When bullets started flying, Fajardo shielded the 16-year-old crash victim with his body, which you can see in the body camera footage, before the firefighter told her it was safe to crawl to the ambulance.

“I was able to get her to cover as well, using a rope I had in my pocket,” Fajardo said.

“Stop! Put your hands up! Put your hands up!” the deputies continue yelling in the video.

Eventually, a police K-9 took Dennis down with several injuries, and as quickly as she put the firefighters in extreme danger, they had to come to her aid.

“We all helped treat her after she fired at us,” said Robinson. “That’s all we focused on was she needed our help at that point, and we took her to into the hospital.”

And when deputies and officials thought the chaos ended, Dennis tried to steal a deputy’s gun while he drew her blood at the hospital.

The commotion was seen on his body camera footage.

“Don’t you (expletive) grab my gun! Don’t you ever grab my gun!” he yelled at her.

The three firefighters were just thankful nobody was hit, and everyone is alive.

“Surreal, shocking, all of the above,” said Robinson.

The firefighters said they all needed counseling because of the trauma it caused them.

All of them have young kids, and Fajardo’s wife was pregnant and about to give birth when this happened.

The three say the scariest part of all of it was they were separated, helping crash victims when the shots rang out, so they all thought each other had been shot and weren’t sure if their brothers were alive.


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