PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A new state bill could ban Arizona's teachers from discussing politics in front of students.

This legislative session, Rep. Mark Finchem (R-Ariz.) is proposing a code of ethics for teachers that would ban them from discussing controversial issues in the classroom, including politics.

"I got hundreds of people from all over the state that have contacted me and are outraged at the level of political advocacy going on in the classroom," he said.

It is a hot-button topic that some teachers insist is not even relevant compared to other problems out there.

"What we should really be doing if we want to benefit our students is to talk about the $700 million that are still missing from the schools" said Noah Kervelis, an organizer for the "Red for Ed" campaign. 

The proposal comes just months after thousands of teachers walked out of the classroom. 

Rep. Finchem insists his proposals would have happened regardless, telling Arizona's Family he has heard of hundreds of incidents of teachers being political in the classroom.

"If (teachers) want to talk about politics at work, get another job. There is no place for that in the public school classroom. Period."

Currently, Arizona state law already bans educators from using public resources to influence the outcome of an election.

Even then, Rep. Finchem said there needs to be more concrete rules to prevent teachers from being political.


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(7) comments


This is pathetic. How will this affect classes like American Government? (Do they even teach that here? What *do* they teach in the schools here? 'Advanced Arizona Dumbass' and 'Gun Ownership'?) Right-- no mock elections or discussing politics. We don't want new generations involved in the political process!


We don't want children involved in indoctrination and that is exactly what the teachers were doing. I think they should be fired. We have no problems finding teachers in India so fire every last one of them

JF Conlon

We SHOULD hire telemarketers from India to teach our kids! They will learn to lie, cheat, persist against all odds and go on to make great politicians. And who needs English to twitr anyhow?


I agree. I used to hate it when my 1st grade granddaughter would go on and on about how great Obama was and how we should vote for him for President. She didn't even know what she was talking about, but was influenced by her teacher. Politics should be restricted to U.S. and World History classes in high school


I'm sure you learned her right quick about how liberal black men can't be trusted.


What makes you think that I DIDN'T vote for Obama? I think politics should be taught in school IN A CLASS! Not to impressionable young children that don't have a clue what politics are? I think YOU'RE the "racist" one here.


no more than liberal white men.

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