CORDES LAKES, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) says armed neighbors came to the aid of two women who were being attacked by dogs.

It happened Sunday on Black Mountain Road in Cordes Lakes. (Cordes Lakes is southeast of Prescott.)

[WATCH: Armed neighbors step in to end dog attack]

The women were reportedly attacked by a trio of "pit bull" dogs, according to YCSO.

When deputies got to the scene, they found one woman lying on her side, "bleeding and screaming" and suffering from bites on her arms and legs.

[GRAPHIC PHOTO: Click here for picture of one of the dogs]

The woman said she and her friend had just arrived at her home when she "found three pit bull dogs in her yard," according to YCSO.

A neighbor told YCSO that her kids heard the woman screaming, so she grabbed her handgun and, along with a friend, went to help the woman.

When that neighbor arrived, she found the two women surrounded by the trio of dogs.

She said "she was afraid to fire directly at the animals" so she "fired a couple of rounds nearby as the dogs kept attacking."

While her friend called the sheriff's office, the neighbor's husband arrived at the scene.

He took the handgun from his wife and "engaged the dogs by running up to the residence as they continued attacking."

YSCO says the man "was able to shoot one of the dogs immediately, and eventually another dog. He attempted to shoot the third dog but was not sure if the round made contact."

YCSO Animal Control Officers arrived and were able to contain two of the dogs with the owner's assistance and confirm another dog had died.

All three dogs belonged to a neighbor on Black Mountain Road. YCSO says the dogs had jumped a fence before attacking the women.

Mayer Fire personnel treated the two women, ages 57 and 61, for multiple puncture and laceration wounds.

The women were then transported to a Phoenix-area hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening. One of them has since been released.

The owner of the dogs, 25-year-old Ian Jones, was cited for six counts of "aggressive animal attack and injure" and three counts of "dog at large."

“I don’t really care about the charges,” Jones said to Arizona's Family. “I’m just concerned about the women and everything. I’m still trying to process.”

[WATCH: Dog owner speaks about how his dogs attacked women in Cordes Lakes]

Jones says his dogs were the “only family” he had, but he understands why an armed neighbor had to take action.

“He was doing what he thought needed to be done,” says Jones.

The Yavapai County Sherriff’s Office said Monday one of the women remained in the hospital. Jones says he wants to personally apologize to the victims.

“I’m very sorry and I hope that they’re alright, hope I can do anything to help,” says Jones.

The two remaining dogs both suffered gunshot wounds and were bleeding badly. As a result, Jones signed an animal surrender for. Both dogs were euthanized.

Rabies test are pending on all three dogs.


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(22) comments

Agustus Gloop

There's no difference in the potential aggressiveness between a chihuahua and "pit bull," the difference comes in the damage they can do. "The pit bull type is particularly ambiguous as it encompasses a range of pedigree breeds, informal types and appearances that cannot be reliably identified." Several pedigree of dogs fall under the pit bull category. A great documentary is "The Champions" which follows the dogs taken out of Michael Vic's dog fighting compound. Kleenex alert, even some tough cookie posters such as Daddy, ObeyLaws and MyOwnMind will be sobbing happy tears.


where are all the morons defending this pathetic "gentle" breed?

AZ Native

MyOwnMind I'm right here, my comment was just below yours - moron, learn to read.

AZ Native

I had a Pittbull Terrier mix and she was the smartest, sweetest and most lovable dog. It's how they are raised. Any dog with teeth can be dangerous, yes even little yappers can bite.


Euthanize all pit bulls. How many more people have to suffer because of these dangerous animals?? They were bred for one reason and one reason only. #baddogs

AZ Native

ObeyLaws - And just how many pit bulls have you ever been around? Have you actually had one for a pet? If not please STFU.


Need to shoot the owner to , send him to God who is supposed to send him on to hxxl . Yep[scared][scared]


What is the dogs' owner's immigration status? Post it. What about the woman who fired around? Post their immigration status too, please! I know that it does not in any way pertain to this event, but please, I have a right to know and be outraged about it!


I f*ckin hate these dogs. They need to be band. Too bad they didn't kill the third one and hopefully these women will sue this 25 year old dumb a$$ for everything he doesn't have yet and then collect as he comes into things of monetary value.


How does one "come into things of monetary value"?


Really dipsh*t? They win the lottery or get an inheritance or any number of other ways. What are you stupid or something? How could anyone not know this basic sh*t smh.


same way your johns come into you beetch.


There's already a band named "Three Dog Night".

JF Conlon

Joy to the World!!


aint you an intelligent like wench.


He might be talking about a new "band" ;-)

Agustus Gloop

It's so unlike you, to spew hate, you ok?


Aghast - Got an example of so-called 'hate' that you claim was spewed by me?

Agustus Gloop

Start with this......"I f*ckin hate these dogs."


Aghast - So in other words you have no examples of your claim about me. All you have is me supporting the White race but you can't show me 'hating' any race. Hey, Aghast, while you're scouring my comments to find some so-called 'hate' go ahead and have lunch at a White owned restaurant to help my race. We'll appreciate that.


Daddy Dummy how’s that cross burning event scheduling going? Have you made grand wizard yet?

Agustus Gloop

Been a long, long day Daddy, time to turn in. Life of a hate poster is intense.

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