PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - It looked like the scene of a major freeway pile up, but nearly 10 cars were wrecked not on a highway, but just parked in a Fry’s parking lot in Ahwatukee. 

The incident occurred at a Fry's Marketplace Monday morning near the area of Ray Road and Mountain Parkway

Police say a 82-year-old woman was driving a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser when she experienced a "medical condition" and stepped on the accelerator.

Her vehicle drove then over a parking curb, through bushes and over the sidewalk, colliding with 10 other vehicles before coming to rest, police said. 

Jean Moore has lived in Ahwatukee since 1986. So a trip to her nearby Fry's is simply routine.

“I was going for Napa cabbage and ginger!” she laughed.

But pulling into the store Monday, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Like a scene out of a movie!” she said. “The debris field was gigantic. It was three separate lanes of cars.”

“No one knew quite what was going on,” Moore said. “The damage to some of the cars was overwhelming. I mean, front ends knocked off, rear ends shoved into the back seat. And then the car that did the damage wound up two lanes over! I just can't even imagine how."

Witnesses said there were nearly 10 cars that suffered major or minor damage.

Moore said as she began tending to shocked car owners walking out of the store one by one to the wreck, she said paramedics began tending to the driver, eventually taking her away in an ambulance. Moore said she was alert and talking and believes it was medically related, though police have not confirmed.

But cars can be replaced. Lives cannot.

“No one was injured!” said Moore. “That’s the amazing thing. I mean, the timing of it was just so perfect for not having injuries.”

Phoenix police said the elderly woman was taken to a nearby hospital for "precautionary reasons."


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(10) comments

JF Conlon

Bet she was driving my '68 Buick . . . or else a Bradley tank.


No name of the driver, charges? Let me guess, another elderly driver who should have had their license revoked years ago.


Yep ... if she was younger she could have just rolled the car upside down.


maybe you need to learn reading comprehension.


The names of Snowbirds & illegals are never released. They are both a protected species in Arizona.


If it wasn't revoked before, it should be now. In ohio, they called it " getting issued a form 88" or something like that. No more going into the DMV and just getting a new license. They put you through all kinds of eye and coordination tests, as well as a medical check. You don't pass...license is gone.


Wow. Nearly 10 cars? I guess that makes you nearly a reporter. Keep working at it. You nearly got it right.

Big Rich

The headline says ..."AFTER jumping the medium"......but then in the article......"She said a woman drove through the parking lot out of control, smashing into parked cars left and right, then driving over the median and into a handicap sign.....So...which was it? ....I miss the days when we still had journalists instead of grade school interns writing articles.


They graduated grade school?


nearly 10 cars? nearly? So you cannot count to 10 Briana? That number could be anywhere between 5 and 9, or maybe 10 or 15?

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