PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A new survey finds some people would rather go broke to stay working remotely. The survey was done in May by Morning Consult on behalf of Bloomberg News. It found that out of 1,000 people surveyed, 39% would consider quitting if their employers weren’t flexible about remote work. Among Millennials and Gen-Z, that number was 49%.

"I think it's crazy but that's my initial response. It tells me people are very dialed in to being comfortable," said Dom Fausette, a motivational speaker. Fausette said a lot of employers want their workers back in the office after more than a year remote. "The employees might be working harder at home but there's a lot more that can get done from the office," he said. "Let's call it what it is. Everybody does not read their emails. There's just that human to human disconnect."

Fausette recommends people don't make any rash decisions. "Don't quit a job based on emotions because an employer is asking you to come back into office," he said. Remember there are some benefits to returning to work. "If working from home is your ideal situation, ask yourself is this going to help me promote and grow over 5 years? Often times people are promoted because they're the obvious choice because they are seen more often than not," Fausette said.

And if you really want to stay remote, pitch your employer a hybrid option where you are only in the office part time. "Explain the reason why; my kids are in school or they in home school or the adjustment is going to negatively impact me showing up on time to work. What you'll find is most employers are open to working with employees." Fausette said.

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