PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Five TSA officers were reportedly attacked and injured Tuesday morning in Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

The suspect has been identified as 19-year-old Tyrese Garner of Texas.

[WATCH: Man arrested after allegedly attacking TSA officers at Phoenix Sky Harbor]

The TSA says Garner attempted to rush a security checkpoint at the airport.

The attack was unprovoked, according to the TSA.

The police report states that Garner forced his way past the security checkpoint by "pushing past other passengers waiting in line, charging through the metal detector into the secure area where he assaulted the TSA screener... by punching her and knocking her to the ground."

The report also states "he punched four other TSA screeners."

Officials were able to subdue Garner and arrest him, but it wasn't without a struggle. The police report says Garner resisted arrest, "kicking and writhing on the ground."

One TSA officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. Four other officers were taken to an urgent care. Their conditions are not known. 

Garner faces felony charges of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest, as well as five counts of misdemeanor assault.

The police report states that Garner may be mentally disturbed, and may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

He was held on a $1,500 bond. His next court date is set for June 25.

In Phoenix, the head of a union that represents TSA agents said the incident highlights a troubling trend.  

He told Arizona's Family that TSA agents rely on police to defuse potentially dangerous situations instead of being equipped to deal with possible hazards.

"We are trained to deal with the active shooter... what to do... but we never thought we'd experience something like (a passenger attack)," said Juan Casarez, a veteran TSA agent at Sky Harbor Airport.

Faced with a record number of passengers at Sky Harbor Airport in 2018, Casarez said he never knew what kind of passengers he and his coworkers were going to interact with.

[WATCH: TSA agents rely on police to defuse potentially dangerous situations]

"We don't know their intent. We really don't know who's who. It's like what can happen at any grocery store or anywhere else," he said.

Nationally, the TSA has released the following statement about the incident:

“This unprovoked and brazen physical attack against our TSOs is unacceptable. We are grateful for our committed workforce and for the role they play in protecting the traveling public every day. We continue to monitor the safety and health of the TSOs involved in this incident and will cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.”


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(47) comments


We will never hear his side of the story, but I know he was provoked, they need to monitor these idiots....they are really good at harassing passengers because they don't make any money so they feel as though they are gods, hope he gets off!


Turns out he has mental issues. Feel stupid now? You should.


AZFamily - Why ZERO COVERAGE of the story of young female Sacramento police officer slain in the line of duty yesterday?? (Or the other 57 officers who have died in the line of duty this year, for that matter...)


So who wants the TSA agent that just stands there while the women TSA agent is laying on the floor after being punched in the face on their team. Yes, he'll watch your back for sure.

TRUMP supporter

5 vs 1 and the 5 lost. Sounds like the tsa isn't doing their job again.They better change their hiring practice.


A darkie on his Honeymoon to himself.[love]


Racist go home. You suck.


Some of our "best" allies knew the SHTF prior to 9/11, and office of special plans, yet they zipped their mouths shut. Prevention is worth """". Now the beaurocracy goes deeper and deeper, more government spying on its citizens and CIVIL rights eroded.

Wayne kenoff

My man’s 19? Dude looks at least 27. That’s crazy..


Take all the cheap shots at the TSA you want, but know they have a 100% success rate at preventing hijackings since 9/11. Not many government entities can boast a 100% success rate.


Correlation does not equal causation. I have only had Rhubarb Pie once, on the morning of 9/11. Clearly that was the cause of the attacks, and my cessation from Rhubarb Pie since then is clearly an indicator that Rhubarb Pie causes 9/11.


Stick to eating pie, your Freudian logic doesn't make air travel safer, beefed-up security, post 9/11, does.


Nope; I remember flying before the advent of even metal detectors in airports. Those stopped noting and neither has TSA.


LOL, you think that is the only reason? From 1973 until 9/10/01, who prevented the hijacks? ***For informational purposes... the number being 0 domestic hijacks.


LOL yourself, want to compare the number of terrorist groups from pre 9/11 to the number post 9/11? Also, hijacking is extremely rare worldwide from the beginning of aviation. You don't have to hijack a plane to blow it up mid-flight. Additionally, the general public would be oblivious to thwarted attempts by modern day domestic/international intelligence agencies. An overwhelming majority of travelers can manage to pass through security with no issues daily. There's always going to be a handful of dingbats that can't/won't comply to a very basic/simple screening.


No the TSA doesn't have that kind of success rate the American public that is now willing to physically fight people that cause issues while in flight have a 100% success rate.


By 1973 airports had their own security staves running the metal detector check points; and those remained in place 'til after TSA took over at all airports.


That's untrue, since they have NOT prevented a single skyjacking, or caught a single potential skyjacker which tester groups have proven repeatedly. Gov't test groups have carried all manner of weapons past TSA agents onto planes; and could have committed skyjackings, had they been so inclined. TSA is essentially worthless, just a bunch of perverts getting their jollies at the expense of American citizens, except Mulsims who get a pass.


Right ...!


No they actually don't, you must be a TSA employee, and if so you all do a horrible job, and remember you're just a pion.


If one person without a weapon can take out 5 TSA agents then the TSA is not really keeping us safe.


I hit the "Report" button on this comment, but there wasn't an option for "I want to report an Awesome Post", so I gave up on that.


A 19 year old as well


Thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by this senseless tragedy.


Most of the time TSA staff look pretty bored and get some excitement from making you spin in circles in the x-ray machine with your hands up in the air on one leg (not unlike Mr. Miyagi), all while secretly taking your fluid containers over 3 ounces. Glad no one was shot this time.


you are so correct


"The attack was unprovoked, according to the TSA." Of course the bullies of the TSA would say this.


Really??? Bullies? Did someone just crawl from under their rock and forget 9/11? Do us all a favor and don't fly, just walk.

Agustus Gloop

Dean is a snowflake socialist that is anti LO. He thinks the government should pay all his bills and provide him a nice house to live in.


Apparently you have never flown. I have. I have seen those bullies harassing old ladies in wheel chairs and young women carrying babies bullied. All the while if someone is wearing a sheet they are never questioned.


Not sure what your definition of bullying is, and yes, we all have to endure more thorough scrutiny post 9/11, if you don't like it, walk to your destination. Ever stop to think the 'little old lady in a wheelchair' or 'lady holding baby' would be higher risk subjects for concealing weapons/explosives, etc.? You do realize terrorists recruit bombers of different ages/gender and not just a guy 'wearing a sheet' as you so eloquently state? Quite clearly, you are anti-authority and more than likely would be among the first to whine in case of another tragedy if we didn't have multiple layers of intelligence, no-fly lists, enhanced screenings, air marshalls, etc. Most normal people are thankful and willing to sacrifice an extra minute or two to help ensure safe travel!


No one has forgotten 9/11, but is is an excuse for you left winged socialist liberals to play big brother and for the government to abuse the general public.


Really, abused? How delicate of a snowflake are you? "Mommy, that man made me take off my shoes and then made me walk through a detector, my life is ruined! Now I need therapy!"


exactly, and those they should harass don't get searched or patted down correctly, the only people are americans that get harassed at the airport


Marley, I don't agree with a lot you have said, but that last statement was 100% on point. I just flew back and forth to san Antonio. took me less than 5 mins to line up, take off my shoes, step in the ding-a-ling machine, and get my stuff. If that's too much for these yahoo's, then I say they can drive.

Gloop's Husband

Please forgive Disgustus for his inane comments, he did try to fly once but his arms got tired.


you walk, idiot


Since they're 'bullies', do us all a favor, walk, don't fly. Should really make the lines move that much quicker!


Marley, you have to be the dumbest of them all, I am not going to get harassed even if I have a free flight, they know who the terrorist are just like they knew 911 was going to happen and the terrorist that were involved. Its all a motion the government is going thru....just harass the american people and keep it in the media that we are really doing our job, it sickening and all americans should put a stop to it by not flying for a month, airlines will lose out, tsa will not be needed, and things will change!

TRUMP supporter

I agree with you. They bully everybody but the ones that should be. They don't want to offend muslims.


most of the TSA employees are middle easterners or from india, they harass passengers to the point they miss their flights especially at IAD, its horrible how we have to pay to get harassed at an airport!


Phoenix mayor has already endorsed the settlement check for the 'victimized' suspect. Will more than likely reassign/terminate the officers for misconduct.


Yep, she' one of them wackos.


Really?? What's your source since that news isn't anywhere else. Oh maybe i should check FauxNews since you sound like Trumpster Fire follower.


Trust me when I tell you, you watch faux news everyday. You're simply not smart enough to see it.


Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, huh? If you can't recognize/comprehend sarcasm, you certainly are incapable of thinking for yourself and are simply a media sheep, baaaa, baaaa!


Absolutely, haha. So true. It's the "Apology Tour 2019". Get the checkbook out for reparations checks!

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