A "Black Lives Matter" T-shirt is sparking up a conversation at a Valley high school.

"It made me feel less of myself 'cause they wouldn't let me express myself and show who I am," said 10th-grader Mariah Harvard.

Mariah wore her Black Lives Matter T-shirt to Buckeye High School a few weeks ago for picture day but before she could even get in the door, she was sent to the assistant principal's office.

"The assistant principal said I couldn't wear my shirt because it was a disruption of the learning environment because I had gotten into a controversy with another student about how my life didn't matter,” said Mariah.

Mariah's mother Roxanne Harvard was upset with how the school handled the situation.

"It's a shirt she has. It's Black Lives Matter. She believes in what it stands for," said Harvard.

The school sent an apology letter to Harvard and Mariah for any embarrassment the situation may have caused but Harvard wants the school board to take more action and responsibility.

"I think that in this day and age, where we are as people, it's awful that you have to receive this kind of behavior at school. If it's in public, you know, you know people are ignorant but not at school,” said Roxanne Harvard.

The school board held a meeting on Monday and members said they are taking this very seriously and would take everyone’s feelings on the matter into consideration.

The school board said it is working on several new programs to teach staff and students more about respect and tolerance for everyone.

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