“It's actually been amazing to look up and see my work on the wall,” said Edwin Valrey-Jung.

Valrey-Jung loves photography. So, when he bought his Tempe home last summer, he decorated it with his own artwork.

“This is the first time I've ever hung any pictures up on the wall and I'm a photographer so how much doI love this house? I love this house a lot so when it comes to my mortgage, I make sure I make my mortgage payments," he said.

Valrey-Jung tells 3 On Your Side that he's meticulous about making his mortgage payments and has the bank statements to prove he's always been on time.

But try telling that to his mortgage company called SLS, also known as Specialized Loan Servicing LLC.

"Well, they're stating that I'm delinquent by four months, that I didn't make four months of payments,” he said.

Valrey-Jung says he's not delinquent. The problem, he says, is that his home loan has been sold two different times to different companies and the payments he made had somehow fallen through the cracks.

And to make matters worse, Valrey-Jung recently received a notice indicating his current mortgage company intended to foreclose on his house due to the missing payments.

“Terrified! This is the house I bought for my son and myself, I mean this is our home,” he said.

Valrey-Jung has spent countless hours on the phone with SLS trying to clear this mess up.

In fact, when 3 On Your Side arrived at his home to talk about the problem, we found him on the phone with SLS.

"I'm getting ready to lose it. I am getting ready to blow a gasket!” he said.

Valrey-Jung says SLS keeps telling him it will look into his matter and to mail in documentation proving he's made his payments and he has. But, the problem he says, is never fixed.

“How many more calls do I have to make? How many more hours do I have to invest? How many more tickets do you have to open?” he asked.

3 On Your Side contacted SLS which immediately looked into the matter for us.

They later sent us an email stating the issue has now been resolved. They state:"We pride ourselves in putting our customers first and appreciate the opportunity to review the service our customer has received. We have been in contact with our customer and believe their concerns have been resolved to their satisfaction."Valrey-Jung tells 3 On Your Side that SLS did contact him after our involvement and said they found his payments and applied them properly to his account.

Valrey-Jung says he's glad the ordeal is over and claims the issue never should have spun out of control like it did.

“I mean that’s kinda the American dream, to be able to have a home for yourself and your kid or kids and to come home and say, 'Yeah, this is what I worked for,’” he said.

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