Photo of baby who drowned in toilet (Savannah)

Family friend provided Arizona's Family with a photo of the baby who died after falling into a toilet in Phoenix. 

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- On Wednesday afternoon a baby girl died after being pulled from a toilet at a Phoenix house.

It happened around 1 p.m. at a home near 24th Street just north of Indian School.

[WATCH: Family mourns after death of baby girl who was pulled from a toilet]

Investigators say a 16-year-old called 911 and said her 11-month-old half-sister, identified as Savanna Smith, had wandered out of her sight and she found her in the toilet.

Savanna wasn't breathing when her sister pulled her out.

Firefighters said they moved as fast as they could.

"So we made contact with the child, initiated all of our advanced life support, had that child in back of the ambulance and on their way to Phoenix Children’s under one minute," said Capt. Rob McDade with the Phoenix Fire Department. "In fact I think it was 42 seconds." 

[WATCH: Phoenix police investigate how an 8-month-old baby drowned in a toilet]

[WATCH: Teen was baby-sitting half sister]

Phoenix fire said the little girl was in extremely critical condition on the way to the hospital, but she died at the hospital.

Arizona's Family talked with a family friend who was at the family's home on Thursday. "They're upset and they want their privacy," she said.

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Firefighters say it's possible Savanna may have pulled herself into the toilet.

A homicide unit from the Phoenix Police Department has been conducting interviews to figure out how it happened.

"There’s not any type of crime that I can confirm to you," police spokesman Luis Samudio said Wednesday afternoon. "It’s under investigation. We have to speak to the babysitter and her parents.”

Samudio said Savanna was originally reported to be 8 months old, but after further investigation, it was clarified that the baby was 11 months old. 

Several people on the street where it happened literally gasped when they heard the news.

“I think we’re all used to hearing about pools and ‘watch your children around pools,’ but maybe not so much in the confines of your home," neighbor Ondrea Barber said.

"Have a heart of compassion and let the police do their part to investigate the situation," said another neighbor. "It's just a horrifying situation and nobody would ever want this to happen."

"Just know that we care and I'll pray for them," said another who feels for the 16-year-old girl and the parents. "I just can't imagine how hard it is to lose a child."

According to Phoenix fire officials, the parents were not at home at the time. Investigators have yet to figure out how long the baby was in the toilet.

Samudio said no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

The family friend has setup an online fundraiser to help pay for Savanna's funeral expenses.


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(18) comments

Joy Gross

How heartbreaking.. I hope that their teenager gets some counseling.. she is so young to handle something like this. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Could it be possible that the 16 year old is actually the 11 month old's mother - and the teen wanted to be rid of her kid? This thought came to me overnight.

Sasha Fierce

Sadly, it is possible. I just really, really hope that is not the case.


The article clearly states it was the 16yr olds half sister.


The original article also stated that the child was 8 months old and then corrected it to show the child was actually 11 months old (not that it makes a difference.) Families hide sensitive info all the time. I was merely suggesting that it might be possible that the child belonged to the 16 year old.


Terribly tragic... CPS does need to be involved though because neither parent was home and you have a 16 year old girl watching 2 children at 1pm in the afternoon on a school day. Unless she's home schooled, why isn't the 16 year old in school?

Sasha Fierce

There was a second child? I missed that. I’ve lived here for 15+ yrs, and still have not been able to figure out the varying school district schedules…especially for high school, so maybe her classes were done for the day? Or she was home sick that day? Whatever the reason, like you said, terribly tragic for all 😢💔


at 8 months old, my daughter couldn't walk, but she could pull herself up to a standing position, but babies at that age are very top-heavy. So it's very easy to imagine a baby crawling to the toilet, and using the rim to pull him/herself up to a standing position and then falling over. So tragic.


If the baby was being watched like she should of been, you wouldn't have to try an figure that out Another kid dies, so many have this week mostly at the hands of some one who was suppose to keep them safe.. What a shame. RIP Little one your safe now


Actually 8 month old can crawl very well tand they can pull themselves up also


Right..but UP high enough to go end over end into a toilet????


Yes they can.


Now we know that the baby was 11 months old (story is updated now). SO it's even more plausible. Many have drowned in buckets for that reason. So awfully sad.


So tragic!


I would like to know how a 8 month old , who is barley crawling, manages to get UP into a toilet....on accident...????


Most 8 month olds can teeter around and get up on their feet.


But first, a selfie!


Horrific !

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