PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Peoria mom who fought to equip all police officers with Narcan was surprised to hear only a limited number of Phoenix Police are carrying the drug that can reverse an opioid overdose.

Michelle Hamby lost her son, Chandler, and her daughter, Breana, to overdoses. They were only in their 20s.

In Breana’s case, police arrived minutes before the fire department, Hamby said.

“Police did get here within two minutes, but they did not have Narcan in 2013,” Hamby said. “If they had had it, would they have been the ones that could have saved her?”

Hamby used her heartbreak to advocate for all police officers to carry Narcan so that overdose patients can get the treatment they need as soon as possible, increasing their chances of survival.

In 2015, Hamby convinced the legislature to pass a law putting Narcan in the hands of officers.

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“Governor Ducey wanted all first responders using it and gave a grant to first responders for free Narcan,” Hamby said.

While watching an Arizona’s Family report on which law enforcement agencies have officers carrying Narcan, Hamby says she was “livid.”

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That report found Phoenix, Tempe, and Gilbert police departments do not supply officers with Narcan, even though grants through the Arizona Department of Health allow any first responder to have it for free.

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“If they're the first to respond, why would they not be the ones to give Narcan instead of waiting for fire to give Narcan?” Hamby said. “Why are they playing God, leaving it to someone else?”

“We work with fire, fire is very readily available so officers are told to call them,” said Robert Ward with the Phoenix Police Safety Unit. “We’re looking at a possible program to put out, limited basis, to see if it’s needed out there on patrol.”

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Phoenix police say to equip officers with Narcan will take training, protocols and supply. While some groups can provide Narcan kits for free, Phoenix police say they will need hundreds, not just a few dozen.

The Phoenix Police Department has nearly 3,000 sworn officers.

“I think Gov. Ducey will find a way to supply them with what they need,” Hamby said.

She’s been making calls and sending emails to put pressure on law enforcement to carry Narcan, and she plans to go after every agency not supplying the drug to officers. She said Tempe police are next.


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(12) comments


God Bless this woman
Shame on any mentality who’d not provide Narcan to save a life to the police who respond to a overdose first
The very policeman exposed to this drug could need help and be in a life or death situation himself he or she could die before a call is made for a out side source to respond
This is absolutely not logical thinking!
I can not even believe it!
Why does half of us take CPR and First Aid classes? Isn’t this to save a drowning or choking persons life?
A drug addict is still a human being
This Fetynial is 50
To 100 times more Potent than heroine
It is Instantly addicting
Who cares if a policeman has to respond serval times to save the same Victim of drug overdosing
This is a human life
That’s like not saving someone from a burning building because They didn’t belong in the building
Or not responding to a car accident Victim because they caused the accident by running a red light
My grandchild was on that drug she lost half her body weight and nodded off in the middle of going someplace like fainting
It’s a difficult drug to stop
The body craves it
13 year old kids are getting a hold of this too as it is being pumped in from Mexico
Educate yourself people
Save a kids life who made the mistake of trying this drug one time and got immediately hooked


I am a teacher, a therapist a recovered addict (30PLUS years)- My parents did not raise me to be an addict, nor did I Dream of being an addict- then I raised a lovely daughter and at 13 she began to turn towards drugs- My husband and I tried EVERYTHING to get her help, support and so on- she struggled for a few years- found a great support group and was clean for 3 years until she turned 18- then she found Heroin- and was off and running for another 4 years- this included living on the streets and jail etc. All I and my husband could do was love, encourage and pray- we DID not teach her this- she did not dream of being an addict as a little girl- she was (and is ) kind and loving and cares for others until heroin takes over! I gifted my daughter and myself with Narcan kits for my 60th birthday to hope that she could stay alive long enough to find help- she did- I know many of you see drug addiction or alcoholism as a moralistic fatal flaw in a person- it is not! it is a disease very much like others- treatable - like diabetes or allergies- with counseling and correct medicines etc. Some folks are so allergic to peanuts that the mere smell can send them into anaphylactic shock- should I not administer an epi pen? (which all first responders should carry by the way) as often as needed- it is the same with addiction- we can not stop this overwhelming crisis in our world unless WE ALL get on the same page- not only should first responders carry Narcan -but AL us humans should in our car first aid kits- epi pens too- STOP the judging- if we can help these souls find a way out- they can become vital contributing humans again-like me!


MyOwnMind, I simply cannot imagine where your brain is!! What kind of a person can sit and criticize a mother who has lost two of her children and yet still continues to fight so that you might not lose someone you love??!!? I am,personally, happy for you, that you can sit in your glass house and pretend that addiction only happens to those who “ask for it” or are raised as “freaks”. There are more than 22 million people in America right now suffering with a substance use disorder, and 23 million more Americans who are recovering. If you add in families and friends, over 85 million Americans are affected by this epidemic!! So you see, I am happy for you, if it has not touched you yet, but chances are someone you love is just too afraid of your harsh judgement to share. I will pray for you and that you can remain just as sheltered as you are, because no one would wish this on anyone!! Oh, and I’m sure Michelle will join me!!


@myownmind I hope and pray you never experience a child loss, let alone two. Regardless of how our children are dying, to say such hurtful things, is just beyond. I'm not going to lash out in anger because you decided to judge someone you know nothing about. This woman is trying to help other families to NOT have to have this same experience.
May God forgive you. I have met Michelle and she is one of the sweetest, strongest, and such a loving person. Keep going strong Michelle. Thank you again for everything you do.


People should keep your comments nice
That women your talking about is my mom and sure she looks sick and frell but could you imagine losing a sibling or a son or daughter my mom has been threw heck we all have and it’s people like the you and nagative Nancy’s that give people and hamanity a bad name I can’t immagine losing my son to anything let alone an addiction I do know however what it feels like to lose to sibling and be scared everyday that something gone happen to the remainder of my family I miss my sister and brother I had to go from secand oldest to oldest and it’s not a responsibility i wanted I feel like huge chunk of my family is gone I haven’t told anyone one this but when I was in high shchool I tryed to get my family on dr Phil and I didn’t see the email and my response was to late I wonder now if my sister would still be here if I could have helped her get help and my family help.. addiction isn’t just a dease it’s can be a mentle health.. there a poem about judgeing and not walking in there shoes
My mom has lost half of her kids that would make anyone sick .... please words can take longer to heal then any broken bone be careful what you say sometimes when nothing nice to say or if you don’t understand don’t say hurtful things.
Sincerely one upset daughter friend christin and sister


MyOwnMind Judging by her appearance? Really? I'm sorry you forgot your 3rd grade teachings of 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. Or even If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. You're talking about someone's children mind you. Michelle is a warrior, standing up to help keep people alive against a plague. Which is more you could say for yourself, throwing your hateful remarks at someone's dead children. MyOwnMind more like MyOwnIgrorance.


Thank you I needed my mom to see some positivity on here


She believes they are "playing God" by not carrying Narcan?


I know some departments say they are tired of saving the same people over and over. For those I say one save is enough and if they don't learn from that experience then too bad.


So when my mother was alive she was a diabetic and quite often she would mess up her medication and she would almost go into a diabetes coma I had to rush her to the hospital not once but twice so what a policeman say he’s tired of an old woman having to respond to an old woman that didn’t get her medication right what’s the logic in that but they’re tired of responding to the same drugie that keeps overdosing it’s still a human life


I wonder, if her kids would be alive if they didn't use drugs. Judging by her appearance, she probably raised the freaks on drugs.Good riddance.


Seriously this is your contribution of a comment
To make nasty comments
About a serious issue
Condemn a mother who is grieving
The loss of children who is trying to educate the Ignorance of people who don’t realize how Vital this causes to save lives

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