Mom led robbery gang including 2 sons

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police have made eight arrests in connection with a series of violent armed robberies.

The robberies began in the middle of May in the Cactus Park and Desert Horizon police precincts and in the City of Glendale.

A joint investigation between Phoenix and Glendale police led to the arrest of Cynthia Roberson, 51, and her two sons John Roberson, 12, Tony Roberson, 14. Also arrested were some of the son's friends, AaronAnkron, 14, Jorge Elias, 18, Tony Vaughn, 20, Taylor Toydemir, 16, and Jason Moore.

Some of the robberies were aggravated and involved the suspects beating the victims and in some handguns and a rifle were used.

Police were able to connect the robberies based on the description of a gold colored Chevrolet HHR driven by a much older female which was seen either arriving or leaving the scenes. Also witnesses said the suspects committing the crimes were described as being in their early to late teens.

The investigation with the two police agencies and the Cactus Park Neighborhood Enforcement Team discovered Cynthia Roberson was the getaway driver, using her own van in the crimes.

Most of the suspects were arrested on Friday when a search warrant was served at Cynthia's home.

In the home police found several actual and simulated weapons.

The suspects have been booked into jail.


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