TULARE, California (Meredith) – Police in California said a mother drowned her 10-month-old twin boys in a motel bathtub Thursday, killing both of them.

Heather Langdon, 37, has been charged with murder for the death of Mason and Maddox Murguia.

The owner of the Virginia Motor Lodge motel told KFSN that Langdon checked into the motel Wednesday night with the twins.

Langdon was brought to the motel by police. Surveillance video from late Wednesday night shows Tulare police officers drop Langdon off at the motel with the twins. Sergeant Jon Hamlin told KGPE Langdon had been staying at a nearby women's shelter but got kicked out.

"Officers arrived [at the women’s shelter] and the shelter asked that she leave the for causing the disturbances," Hamlin said.

So, after discovering the family was homeless, police escorted Langdon and the twins to the motel to stay the night.

The owner of the motel told KFSN he gave Langdon a free room for the night.

“I donated that room and didn't worry about the money. I opened the door for them, and this morning [the drownings] happened," motel owner Jay Bhakta told KFSN.

Witness Maria Marez said she ran to Langdon’s motel room when she heard the mother call for help.

“She was like, ‘I almost drowned them,’ and then I flagged down the police,” Marez told KGPE. “She kept saying, 'I almost drowned them. I almost drowned by babies,' and she was trying to help the babies, but I didn't know that they were already deceased.”

The twin boys were taken by ambulance to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Langdon was taken to the police department for questioning and was later charged with the homicide of both children, according to Hamlin.

Investigators are still looking into whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the deaths.

Family members told KGPE that Langdon and her ex-husband have been divorced for a few years and share three more sons together, ages 14, 13 and five.

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Joe Tax Payer

Does anyone proof read this stuff ??


You bet the uneducated fake news reporters and editors examine the text very closely. Just as closely as my third grade grandson does.

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