PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Three college students say an ordinary hike turned into a supernatural and motivational moment for them.

Nothing seemed to be going quite right for college students Allisa Miller, Jen Vickman and Kassi Sanchez.

“It was one of those days where as soon as you wake up, nothing really goes as planned,” said Miller.

“We slept through our alarms so we were really late to get here,” said Vickman.

“It was already hot, like we didn't want to hike,” said Sanchez.

“Like something we had to do almost, forced fun,” laughed Miller.

The girls, though, were determined to get in some time on Dreamy Draw Mountain and that's when a routine hike took a mysterious turn.

“We just see a silhouette of this man, it looks like he has long hair and he's in a robe,” said Miller.

“And I looked up and I was like, 'Guys, it looks like Jesus,'” said Vickman.

“He was like right there on the top of the mountain,” said Miller.

Shocked and curious the girls continued their trek up that mountain, but that man seemingly vanished.

“He was just gone,” said Vickman.

And once they reached the top, the mountain mystery started unraveling into more of a miraculous moment for them.

“We were all just kinda shocked, we just kinda sat there,” said Miller.

Tucked in a formation of rocks was an envelope.

“And we read the front of the envelope and it says, 'Do you believe in angels?' And then we opened it and when we opened it, that's when things go really crazy,” said Miller.

“I just got the chills again, just thinking of it,” Sanchez said.

Inside the card was a note with an inspirational and faith-filled message that read in part:

“If you found this gift, congratulations. For one reason or another you were meant to find it. This particular rock where this special blessing is left is very special to me. I call it my Jesus rock. The Holy Spirit has been very good to me as I love to stand on the rock and give our Heavenly Father all the glory. It’s a special place and I’m excited for you who found this wonderful and blessed location. God led me to this rock just like He has led you here today. God only knows who this blessing is intended for, you may or may not be a Christian, however, He has a wonderful plan for your life. I pray in one way or another you’ll be blessed in a special way by this gift for without a doubt you were led here and I know a special seed will be planted inside you by God the Father. Just like the song by Cory Asbury goes, “Reckless Love,” there’s no shadow He won’t light up, no mountain He won’t climb up chasing after you.”

And then the note ended with the Bible verse, Proverbs 3:5-6.

“It was a little-typed note that says how this mountain is special to this person, this is where they come, this is where they found Jesus and they hope that this mountain and what's in this envelope can bless us too,” said Miller.

That's not all that was in the card.

“In it were three $100 bills and there are three of us,” said Miller.

The letter, simply signed with the letter "J."

“I think it was like a miracle, like the Lord just speaking to us,” said Miller.

And when asked what the girls did with that $300, they simply said, “nothing.” Because they feel there’s a greater purpose for that money.

“We just kinda thought that if we take it then our plan was to bless someone with it,” said Miller.

They say this experience has been one of the most inspirational moments in their lives and hope it gives something to others as well.

“I hope it gives them hope. Hope that there are good people out there and hope that the Lord is working for you whether you realize it or not. Blessings can come at any time, like we would have never thought it would come at the top of a mountain ‘cause I don't like to hike so who would've known,” said Miller.

The girls say this experience has really inspired them to pay it forward. They’re just waiting for the right opportunity to do just that, as for that man on the mountain, they say they never did see him again.

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