MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Mesa Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting Wednesday night in the area of Country Club Drive and Broadway Road.

Mesa police said officers were chasing two men, who ran from an attempted traffic stop, when one of the men showed officers a gun, prompting the officer to fire. No officers were hurt.

[WATCH: Police shoot armed man running from police in Mesa, officers say]

“The passenger stopped, presented a handgun, started to blade toward the officers, and one of our officers fired at that suspect-- striking him several times,” Mesa Police Commander Ed Wessing said.

Wessing said that the man threw his handgun over the handrail after being shot by officers.

A witness told Arizona's Family that he saw a slightly different sequence of events.

“While he was running, he threw a white bag that had something in it over the wall onto County Club [Drive], and as soon as he threw that the police shot him three times. I heard three loud pops and then he fell to the ground,” said Dustin Davila-Bojorquez. “I was just really shocked to see that happen right in front of me. When I saw it happen, I just really wanted to get away from here and get somewhere safe.”

In a statement on Thursday, police stuck with their timeline and said the man pulled out a handgun and turned toward one of the officers and the officer shot him.

The man then threw his handgun over the railing. That handgun has been identified as a Colt .45 Combat Elite handgun with a custom wood/pearl grip.

There is no body camera video of the incident.

The suspect who was shot is in critical condition but is expected to survive, police said. He won't be identified until he is released from the hospital, police said.

A K-9 tracked down the driver and he was taken into custody nearby, police said. He has been identified as 32-year-old Jose Elias Andrade Preciado. He's facing one count of unlawful flight from law enforcement.

This is the 23rd officer-involved shooting in the Valley in 2019.

[MAP: Lebaron (east of Country Club Drive) and Broadway Road, Mesa]


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(23) comments


Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates, Cohen, etc. all have either seen their day in court and have plead guilty to their crimes. They were innocent until proven GUILTY, a concept that seems so foreign you build a proverbial wall around it just to keep the idea out of your head... Right-wing extremists are always looking to reaffirm their pre conceived biases, fill in gaps of information by projecting their bigotry and hate into an incomplete story. Now I don't deny that running away during a legal traffic stop is really stupid, but the term "presenting a gun" doesn't justify being shot at as it's not illegal to own a firearm or even openly carrying one. so what gives?


No one died. Good job officers!


Everything in this story is convenient for the police and clearly false. If anyone here thinks they can get shot in the back, multiple times, and still have the strength to throw a bag, you watch too much Hollywood inspired shows. If you live in Mesa, you know the police force is very excessive and is caught lying to the public often. I've personally seen the police over step their authority, as well as, make false statements about the law. I know the world is full of hateful people, and it clear to see in this comment section. Some even say they wanted that young man to die, without all the facts. They must not care about due process, most likely unless it's them or some one they care about. Innocent until proven guilty. War is a terrible thing, but it teaches you things. One thing it taught me is the power to take life can go to a person's head. Especially if they were cowards or bullied as a kid. The Mesa Police department acts like a Militia and their policies keep citizens in danger. No if ands or buts about it.


Were you there?


He was hopped up on drugs , thus the ability to be superman after being shot. Besides who cares he deserved it,


Don't point guns at other people with guns and better training, it's likely to cut down your life expectancy. As for the witness, Ferguson, anyone? It was a gang enforcement unit, and they found the gun. Good talk. Also not buying the war bit, those who've been have a better understanding of how fast events unfold.


Interesting - All the more reason why people should make every effort NOT to come to the attention of the police. Sadly, people foolishly commit crimes and place themselves in situations where they just beg for police to investigate. Generally speaking, people who obey the law and don't place themselves in nefarious situations rarely get contacted by the police. Yes, getting arrested or even just getting contacted by officers is a bad situation fraught with danger and hassle - but YOU can control that. Obey the law, stay out of sketchy situations (you know what I mean) and whatever you do, if the police contact you COMPLY with them. You'll be amazed how much easier your life will become if follow these simple rules!


"started to blade toward???" What is blade toward???


only in Man in critical condition Mesa PD need some time at the shooting range [beam]


Scum along Broadway includes the lying witness and your comments so far. Glad to hear police shot and hit. [beam]


Yes. MPD Didn't kill this dope. Also how would anyone, including the "witness" know what was in the white bag that was thrown??? Hindsight IS 20/20! = Amico this means easy to know more about situation after..


Looks like Mesa cops are back to murdering civilians again. Of course the cops are okay, it's hard to get hurt when you are shooting a guy in the back while he's running away. Unless one of them twisted an ankle... No wonder Mesa cops are trying to get rid of their police chief, he's making it harder for them to get away with their racism, brutality, and murder.


Where Does this story say the Idiot was shot In the Back?? When will People ever learn you can't charge at or point a gun @ a Police Officer unless you want to get shot? Do wish People that are dealing with Police would stop trying to run, pull a weapon, threaten, fight, resist and all that BS. How hard Is It to just do as asked or told and ACT like a Human Being?


well I hope you become mentally ill and then your wife call the cops on your when you go psycho


Mentally ill...they were gang enforcement officers conducting a stop and the rats ran. Are you labeling all criminals as simply mentally ill to generate sympathy, or are you mentally ill? As for the witness, anyone remember Ferguson? All that hands up don't shoot nonsense that ended up being a pathetic lie?

Paul Labiche



it's all across America [batman]


wangorn, what planet are you on? I would say that since the perp is expected to recover the cops didn't actually finish the job.


wangorn, clearly a thug and criminal.


the cops love the adrenaline rush


oh I can see how the police love it any seconds how I know? I work as a security officer with two guys who want become police officers and every times we went out to patrolling an apartment property they purposely looking for troubles and they were acting like a bunch of cops it's why I quit my security guard job


You a ‘security officer’? You mean wannabe cop. You be sure to guard those port-a -pots, wannabe.

Wayne kenoff

Ooh those pesky pink skins. No wonder your women want the brown D! Good job Mesa PD!

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