MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Mesa man has been arrested for the sexual abuse of four children in his home. 

Mathew Arrington, 55, was first arrested on May 7 after the first victim came forward. 

[WATCH: Mesa adoption advocate arrested on suspicion of child sex abuse]

Court documents state that Arrington was released on bond with an ankle monitor on May 9.

Arrington's wife then called Mesa police on May 11 stating that three more victims had come forward. 

After speaking with the victims, Mesa police arrested Arrington again on three counts of sexual abuse, two counts of child molestation, and one count of attempted sexual abuse. 

The Department of Child Safety would not comment on the case.

Patrick Ptak, spokesman for the governor's office, said DCS is committed to securing the safety of the children.

"We find the details of these charges horrific. Any incident of child sex abuse by anyone is despicable and completely unacceptable," said Ptak.  "Those who would abuse children in any way deserve to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, and we hope to see swift justice in this case. The Department of Child Safety is involved to ensure the protection of these kids. Their safety is our top concern. "


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(15) comments


I have no faith in DCS.


Once again! And we're worried over a few southerners coming over here to pick our vegetables!? Get a grip people, we have bigger problems within our ranks here in the land of the "free" and privileged.


Pound Sand Wearenotperfect


perfect - It's just adorable that you actually believe they're all coming here to "pick our vegetables." Drink kool-aid much?? You've actually provided more support for building the wall - yes, we already have enough problems with our legal residents - why import more problems??


East valley scum that’s where the perverts live


Yeah, he needs a makeover. For him, lets go with the classic DOC orange onesie. A very classy look for the big house!


Build the wall.....? (crickets)


Ms Sneakers - Yes, build the wall because we already have our hands full with our own legal citizen deviants - we don't need to be importing even more criminals.

Wayne kenoff

Sounds about white


Racist Wayne


Nutsplash seepage can you imagine that. A white man committing sex crimes against children. And of course, the unthinkable, he’s from the east valley.


Released on Bond, what a great system. Lord !


Yeah, like dudes are never falsely accused during a break up. Never happens.


Nice smug grin you have there you complete waste of life.
Karma will get you back, that's your new cell mate's name.


That's perverted[ohmy]

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