PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Medical student Jessy Pacheco is back in the U.S. after he disappeared last week in Mexico.

Although he is from Arkansas, his family said he lived in Phoenix up until a few weeks ago.

His cousin said he was in Arizona for about three months for rotations.

Government officials in Mexico said Pacheco and a classmate went to a club called Strana with two women Saturday night.

Officials said they were waiting for an Uber near the club when a group of men shot and killed Pacheco's classmate.

They don't know what happened to Pacheco after that.

A Mexican governor said that Pacheco was found safe and flew back to Dallas. He was with his mother.

An investigation is underway.


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(6) comments


when you’re out partying after graduating from med school - and your friend has a “black out” spell - while you end up dead...something big is missing in this story - because he has no memory until getting on the plane LOL.


Wait, there's people of Mexican heritage in Arkansas? Well I'll be a taco's tortilla, ain't that sumpin.


Daddy Dummy does Mexicans in Arkansas surprise you. You’ve been gone a few days how was your cross burning retreat?


What's up sackbreath. I went on vacation again, 20% business 80% vacation. I try to be out of AZ as much as I can in the summer. Had a great trip, cool weather, fresh air, beautiful scenery. Mendocino County, Napa area, Santa Cruz (area) beach. Refreshing, rejuvenating. Boston next. 💯

TRUMP supporter

Who cares if he has Arizona ties ? Looks like he messed with the wrong people. Not too smart to do that in a sh ithole country.


Trump athletic supporter Wouldn’t expect anything less from a sh-it hole person

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