LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - An 11-year-old boy shot and killed his grandmother before turning the gun on himself after being told to clean up after himself on Saturday in Litchfield Park, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Doyle Hebert and his wife Yvonne Woodard had asked the boy throughout the day to clean his room since he wouldn't do it in the area of Litchfield and Indian School roads, Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez with MCSO said.

While the couple was watching television, the boy came up behind them and shot Woodard in the back of the head just after 5 p.m., according to Enriquez.

Hebert said he ran after his grandson but then returned to his 65-year-old wife where he tried to help her.

That's when he heard another gunshot and saw his grandson take a few steps and then fall to the ground, according to Enriquez.

"We stood outside and we prayed," neighbor Danny Dillon said. "It's just hard. You can't get your mind around it, you just can't." 

The gun belonged to Hebert and the couple had full custody of the boy, Enriquez said.

MCSO said there were no previous signs that the boy would harm somebody or himself.

"Nice family. I knew the kid. I mean, he would ride his bicycle around, play around the neighborhood," another neighbor, Walter Venerable, said.  

Neighbors said the family was always friendly and waved as they were coming and going. 

"You have that neighborly connection but your heart just wishes that you had more and you could've done more, you could've seen something or said something," Dillon said. 

On Monday, the Litchfield Elementary School District  released a statement confirming the the boy was a student as Western Sky Middle School. 

"Our hearts are with the Hebert family and their loved ones as they endure this unimaginable pain," the statement reads.

District spokeswoman Shelly Hornback said psychologists were available on campus for "our students and staff who are processing this devastating news."

[READ: Entire statement]

An investigation is underway.


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(15) comments


Aren't we fortunate to live in a country where we have an abundance of firearms that we can keep haphazardly around for any to grab at any time?? This is what makes America great!!


Yes. We are.


Not knowing where that boy's history (mother/father not present? He might have been born to a drug user) There is more to be known then is known so far!


Typical Republican response. Maybe his folks died in a car crash-- you don't know. Just instantly he must be "born to a drug user". You can feel the judgment in your statement (no mother and father around? Tsk Tsk. If that kid had a mother and father and Jesus in his life, this wouldn't have happened.) What difference would it make even if he was born to a drug-addicted mother? What a stupid, judgmental post.


Also, you guys just lurve yer guns, but man, do you have problems with proper storage.


Typical democrat response, paint all republicans in one light.


The second case of a brat murdering his parent/grandparent this weekend.
Yep the end of time is coming soon.
Raise your kids in the church to be safe.


How about locking your firearms away in a safe, or is that too much of an inconvenience? Right-- Lack of Jeebus has everything to do with this.

Stephanie Dyer

You delude yourself if you think church going is going to protect anyone from violence. You simply have to look at the number of people killed in their place of worship while worshipping


Really? How many people were worshiping when they opened fire? None of course. Very few were even Christian or Jew, mostly atheist like you seem to be.

JF Conlon

Well, we've got politics, religion (or lack of), and drugs to blame already. I guess by the looks of the house, race isn't an issue for a change. It would be interesting to get the small picture of this crime, though we probably won't.




Well, we already know guns were lying around the house, it took place in a predominantly white suburb, and the kid thought it was okay to resort to violence over a trivial matter. Sounds like a conservative household to me. What else is there to know?


Joan Conlon - No one has blamed Trump yet... Isn't he the one causing all the discord and people reacting with violence???


Are you investing in gold yet? Have a survival garden? Hiding under your bed until the caravan is gone? Must be difficult being so scared and angry all the time.

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