GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Deputies say they are trying to track down a group of people who are illegally shooting and riding 4-wheelers near the riverbed of Estrella Mountain Regional Park. 

"The problem with this area is that it's posted no trespassing, no shooting," said Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez with Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. "The biggest logistical issue that we're having is that it's multi-agency --Avondale is involved, MCSO is involved, BLM is involved." 

MCSO showed Arizona's Family a Facebook group that they believe is how the group organizes their gatherings. The Facebook group posts several videos of loud music and ATVs and UTVs driving through the river. MCSO says they've received several complaints about people shooting during these parties as well. 

"When you get so many people gathered in one area, shooting, it's a huge danger issue. Nothing is organized and somebody can get hurt," Sgt. Enriquez said. 

MCSO said they started to arrest and cite people in this group back in December, but they caught on and moved their meet-up location. 

It appears they have now been meeting on Sundays near the Estrella Mountain Regional Park. 

"On Sunday night there was 4-to-5 thousand rounds shot off. Police showed up, they scattered for awhile, came back half hour later and the intensity was threefold increase," said Mark Davy who lives near the park. 

Davy said bullets whizzed by him while he was in his backyard last weekend. 

"I'm concerned about the residents and the neighbors here, and I'm concerned for their safety. It's chaos down there," Davy said. "On Sunday night there was 30, 40, 50 ATVs coming back and forth running around like cowboys out there." 

MCSO said they're hoping this is an educational situation for people who are trying to have fun. 

"It's letting them know that you cannot be out there. It is private land, you are trespassing. You will be arrested or cited. That is the message," said Sgt. Enriquez.  


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(3) comments


4-5 thousand rounds?? Really??
Bullets whizzing by your head?? Some of those must have hit something??!? A house; car; person; shed??


Everyone cares, but the border crossers don't throw giant parties, with drunken' atv, wild-west shootin' mayhem near occupied homes.


Our border is posted no trespassing and you don't care. Why are you trying to enforce no trespassing area on Americans?

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