PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Six mattresses, sometimes more, stacked like pancakes and strapped to the roof of a sports car.

That's how one Valley business owner delivers mattresses to his customers.

Casey Day, who owns Pillow Top Express, LLC,near 40th Street and Baseline Road in south Phoenix understands why his unconventional delivery method is turning heads.

"We respect everybody on the road," said Day. "This is safe. It might look nuts, but it's no different than me having a pickup truck."

Day delivers all over the Valley.

"Whoa! I think it's crazy," said one driver who couldn't stop staring while Day was stopped at a gas station.

Other drivers worry a mattress could fall off the car and  into the roadway, causing an accident.

Day assured us that it's OK. "I've tested it out. We go 65 on the freeway. I've never had a mattress fall. I've never almost had a mattress fall," he said.

Day said he used to have a truck to make deliveries, but it got totaled.

"One of my delivery drivers was driving it. He was in an accident," he explained.

So Day bought a new ride, a white 2010 Dodge Challenger. He has been using it to deliver mattress for the past year and a half.

"I don't know if I was having a midlife crisis, but I decided I wanted one of these. I had always wanted a Challenger."

He later realized it wasn't the best idea.

"Shoot, I don't have a truck and I got this and realized I still had to make a living and I just threw them (mattresses) on top. I didn't have a choice," he explained.

"My roof looks like the Grand Canyon. My roof is terrible. It's all dented in," he explained.

He's now trying to save money to buy a pickup truck this year.

"Making my living the best way I can like anybody else. Obviously I want to make it more efficient and safe and I will get a truck," he said.

Day said he gets pulled over by police officers often, but hasn't received a ticket.

Day recently changed the name of his business to Flylane Mattress Company and can be reached at 480-290-1320.

AZ Family showed the Arizona Department of Public Safety video of Day driving with several mattresses strapped to the roof of his car on a Valley freeway and asked if it looks safe and legal.

"The public is certainly talking about it on social media," said DPS public information officer Raul Garcia. "There's a lot of attention here with this particular vehicle."

However Garcia wasn't able to address if it was legal or illegal.

"We are going to leave that up for a law enforcement officer on the side of the road or a state trooper in our case to use their discretion," he explained.

Garcia added there are several statutes that contain load guidelines. and 28-1093

Garcia encouraged drivers to focus their driving and "avoid all distractions."

"There's a myriad of things that we find on the roadway," added Garcia.

He said securing loads is important, because debris can be dangerous.

"We're asking the public to help us minimize that. We need your help. So that goes into being a responsible, considerate, thoughtful driver."


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(8) comments


Geez, I looked up this company and maybe you should do the same, AZFamily. Pretty terrible reviews and shady business practices. You might not want to promote such a company.


Looks like the guy I bought a mattress from. They put an extra piece of material to make it look like a pillow top. The crazy part it had an old mattress inside of it.


That's disgusting. Hope you returned it!




He could spend a relative pittance to rent a work pickup from someplace like home depot for deliveries like that. Maybe. The way he is tying down those mattresses cannot be good for them (unless the top one is a throw-away).


You didn't have a choice? Of course you did, you just didn't want the consequences of the choice.


Can't imagine what that's doing to your shocks and struts.


Absolutely nothing. Shocks and struts don't carry load, they simply control spring movement. The coil springs and other components may be overloaded though.

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