PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The homeless community is welcomed to stay in shelters overnight as temperatures drop to a freezing point. 

"We need to be able to pay our staff and provide some of the services here and so with coordination with the county we can operate that," Cole Hickman with the Human Services Campus in Downtown Phoenix said. 

Hickman said their executive director coordinated with Maricopa County to make sure they could get funding for staff, blankets and food for the freeze warning. 

"We'll be able to bring into the shelter here 85 people on top of over 500 people who are served on the campus regularly for shelter," Hickman explained.

Many people in the homeless community wore layers and bundled up in blankets on the first night of the cold snap, but said that even then it wasn't enough. 

"It was really cold. I mean I had a jacket on, two shirts, two pairs of pants and it was still cold," said Trish Ospina, who is staying at the shelter. 

Hickman said they are taking it on a day-by-day basis whether they will need to open the extra space for another night. 


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(3) comments


Why am i supposed to care? These ppl walk through my complex daily with homemade weapons including: a stake 12-16" sharpened at both ends, some metal looking 'shiv' as well as piping and other tubing.
They do drugs and sell them. I have human sized piles of feces on various places around the property. Behind Christown... you couldn't find somewhere else to go?? They break into our laundry rooms & vacant apts for a place to sleep and do drugs. (drugs & paraphernalia have been found). Why not sort out the trash & not...huh? We recycle those who want help and 'dump' those who keep repeating the same behaviors.?.?.


F*ck you. Have you ever been homeless? I have. Not all homeless people are addicts. I'm so sorry that the mere presence of these HUMAN BEINGS irritates you. Your locale is telling-- your problem likely stems from being uneducated and working at a sh*tty minimum wage job barely making ends meet. But sure, blame homeless people. Hopefully one of them will take a dump on you, which would be an improvement. Stupid, selfish @sshole.


And yes i've been homeless before. Yes i've had to dumpster dive for food. I didn't say all homeless were bad... seems like just a majority.
Where i come from? Is NoT because of where i'm forced to live. Another comment thinks he 'exposes' my iQ level because of where i live...Seriously? LoL. K. Just because your homeless doesn't mean you can have manners, understanding or courtesy for other animals and human beings. It doesn't automatically give you an excuse to do whatever you want.
Is that what you think little man who commented? If your homeless you can do whatever you want when and where?? I've had ppl try to attack me and you think it's okay? Wow. More pathetic readers than i thought.

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