PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Over two dozen gas skimmers have already been found in Arizona in 2019.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture indicates 30 gas station skimmers have been reported to Weights and Measures.

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In Tempe, four gas skimmers were found at one location. Seven have been found in the Prescott area since the start of April.

In 2018, there were a total of 148 skimmers reported. That is up from 57 in 2017.

Check the latest Arizona's Family skimmer map here.


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John S

you need to put a station/company name with the addresses. In some locations it's blatantly obvious, In other cases there are 2-3 stations at that location.


Man, losers really make me mad. You are too lazy to work for money, but you will take time to go around and put skimmers in gas pumps? I would give you more credit if you made the skimmers..but you cant even say that! You are using someone elses idea for your own potential gain. Losers. Everyone elkse, just don't fill up at pumps that are blocked from view from the front of the building. Always pick the pumps up front, on the first row


I got myself a bluebird card from Am Ex. You can get it online for free. Then I added it as an account on my direct deposit and money gets added to it each paycheck. I use it at gas stations, ATM's (that are not at my bank), online purchases, etc. If that card gets compromised no big deal. Cancel that card and get a new one. The most they can get is whatever was put on the card / or what may be remaining. I don;t need to worry about updating anything that I hve on auto-pay because those don't use that card.


So you direct deposit to that card, then move funds from it, to your bank accounts for the autopays etc? and use the BB card for gas station/debit transactions? sounds like that would work pretty good


This why I don't use credit/debit cards at the gas pump. You don't realize what a pain it is to have a card compromised even without fraud charges. Had a card get compromised and was alerted by the merchant who reversed the charge. Problem was this was the card I used for all my monthly auto-pay bills. Thought I had updated all to a backup card, but missed Cox. Got an email from Cox saying my auto-payment failed and they charged me a $25 return/rejected payment fee. I avoided a late fee by making a payment immediately.

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