NOGALES, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Leaders in Nogales are sending a message to the federal government - no more razor wire.

They say it’s dangerous and casting a shadow on their city.

The Nogales City Council unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday, condemning the new razor wire on the border wall.

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We traveled to the border to ask residents how they feel.

Six rows of razor wire lay on the U.S. side of the fence, and a generator sent a massive light into the night sky Wednesday. Nearby, we met Eloy Villa walking home from work as a waiter at a local resort.

“What do you think of the razor wire along the fence?” we asked.

It’s terrible, he said.

Villa told us he doesn’t think the razor wire does much as a deterrent.

“No hace nada,” he said, telling us it doesn’t do anything.

[RELATED: Nogales officials decry new razor wire on border wall]

The mayor of Nogales said he’s worried about the people who frequent this area.

"See we respond to calls at the border,” Mayor Arturo Garino said. “We respond to people falling off the fence - broken legs, broken limbs. We respond to even pregnancies. We're the agency that responds to calls at the border. I would not like to respond to one about concertina wire - because it's not going to be something good.”

Villa said his bigger worry is the large groups of people from Central America, making their way through Mexico to the U.S. In Spanish, he told us he understands many are looking for a better life but is concerned that some are criminals who will do harm.

Award-winning journalist Lindsey Reiser is a regular contributor in the evenings on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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(7) comments


Why haven't we always had the razor wire there on the fence ?


So, razor wire casts a shadow on their city - but hordes of marauding illegal aliens do not? Fake article.


People should be able to break laws without fear of getting injured while doing so. Ugh. Stop crossing illegally and you won't have to worry!


Once a decent wall gets built, we can take down the concertina wire. Support the wall and it will resolve your concerns. The sooner the better.


So the mayor is worried about the illegals getting hurt? Sounds like the mayor is being controlled by the mexican government.


No. The mayor is worried that since the wire is now very low people walking by can bump into it and get hurt. You can just walk right up to it and touch it. Should have a clearance of maybe 7 feet from the ground to prevent people on the US side from getting hurt while walking by.


Bob, you do know that the border access road immediately adjacent to the fence is off-limits to everyone but Border Patrol, don't you? There shouldn't be anyone close enough to walk right into it. But in any case, it's pretty visible and anyone that clueless probably should not even be outside without adult supervision.

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