PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - An Arcadia neighborhood is on high alert after at least two homes were burglarized by the same man Wednesday near 64th Street and Indian School Road.

Not only did the man steal valuables, but he beat up two dogs, too.

[WATCH: Caught on camera: Burglar breaks into Arcadia homes, beats up dogs, homeowner says]

“Oh my God somebody is in my house, and I called 911,” said an Arcadia homeowner, who asked to not be identified for safety reasons.

She came home from work Wednesday and found something odd.

“I noticed there was a broom broken in half on our floor, and there was a big hole in our brand new cabinets,” she said.

She said she called her husband, who had no idea what she was talking about, then realized most of their bedroom drawers were open with clothes and jewelry thrown everywhere.

So she started checking her security camera footage.

The first video shows one of her two dogs running away in fear, and then a man in neon green shorts and neon pink shoes starting to tiptoe in from the backyard.

“I found out that he entered our home five minutes after my husband left for work that day,” she said.

“So you think he was watching you?” asked reporter Briana Whitney.

“For sure, Yes,” she said.

But what happened next is awful.

She believes the man came through the doggy door, and their living room surveillance camera picked up audio of what sounds like the burglar beating up her dogs.

“What he did to my dogs and how aggressive he was just to get in here and get access to our home, is super scary,” she said.

The dogs are okay, and she believes he only stole her husband's expensive watch and a couple credit cards.

But when she put out the man's picture on her Nextdoor app, she realized she wasn't the only victim.

“Within ten minutes, I got a call from somebody who said he robbed our house today,” she said.

Her neighbor sent her their surveillance footage, which showed the same guy, in the same neon outfit.

Her neighbor told her they had their safes stolen.

“He came in through the dog door. What if he does it again? It makes you afraid to be in your own home,” she said.

Phoenix Police say if you have any information about who this guy is, call 480-WITNESS.


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(19) comments


Maupan will probably be at his doorstep when he gets caught.


Survey Says......


He just be doin wat dey do! Some 230 grain lead justice is in order.


Ur so tough


Never understood dogie doors. People too lazy to take their dog out to do its business? Not only do these doors give criminals access to people's home, but other critters too.


I think most people get them so their dog can pi$$ and sh#t while they're at work


Maybe he was looking for some of that “white privilege” I keep hearing about.


AND ... of course ... if you see someone hanging around your neighborhood ... wearing a hoodie when it's 100+ degrees outside ... DON'T call the police ... That will simply alert social media that YOU are a bad person. AND ... for sure ... don't own a gun and shoot someone like this. The police will tell you that these folks are just trying to make a living; no one was hurt and you have insurance so don't worry about it!! Then we will report it as "other theft" so our crime stats don't start looking bad.


Enjoy the video in the link below, a video for White people about our race.


Daddy Dummy It’s easy to see when your feeling defeated, you always fall back to your “about white people, for white people”. Next will be “support a white business” what a f-uckin re-tard


More like exuberant. "fall back to"? As if I left promoting and supporting my race at some point...not quite.


Fear of White people being united and supporting our people is racial prejudice and bigotry. Let go of your fear of White unity and learn to focus on you and yours instead of us and ours.


These peoples dogs were useless. They needed K9 dog “Storm” who would have ripped Neon Man’s face off! (Another AZFamily story I read today)

JF Conlon

His pants & matching sneaks, too . . . a fashion felony!


JF Conlon... in the very least! LOL


Justanouther wierdxss[scared]


New spokesperson for Nike?




Nah that's the guy who's banging ur mom

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