TONTO BASIN, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Tonto Basin man is taking it upon himself to deliver necessities to his neighbors who are stranded on one side of the Tonto Creek. About 1,500 people live on one side of the creek, and crossing it is just a way of life out there.

[WATCH: "It's just what you do for your neighbors."]

"Most of the folks that live down here, they get the fact that this is a challenge seasonally," Randy Roberson explained. "I think the vast majority of the people down here will tell you that we don't necessarily need a bridge down here, but we want one if it will keep people from getting into the creek when they shouldn't and dying."

In November, a family's vehicle was swept away while attempting to cross the creek. Three children died. Roberson used his drone to help search for one of the girls, Willa Rawlings, for two weeks after the incident. "We would get the drone out and search low and slow along the shorelines, just looking for any sign of anything," Roberson said.

Now, his drone has another use: delivering much-needed medicine to his neighbors who can't get across the creek. "There was someone who had just gotten out of the hospital and needed some meds," he said. "They couldn't cross to the east side of the creek where we live. They were stuck on the west side. We packaged up the stuff, tied it to the drone, and flew it across. Pretty simple process." Roberson said he also helped get supplies to the family of a 5-month-old who needed medical attention.

"To me, it's just what you do for your neighbors," he said. Roberson says the creek's intensity changes with the weather, but he's prepared to help his neighbors whenever they call. "The people down here are amazing," he said. "I mean, we all come together to help each other."


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