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Fabian Olvera Martinez was arrested on Thursday, May 30.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A Phoenix man went on 57 beer runs during a three-month span, and now he is facing a dozen charges, according to court paperwork.

Fabian Olvera Martinez was arrested on Thursday, May 30.

The total amount of beer he stole was worth about $3,700, according to court documents.

Martinez usually stole two to four cases of beer at a time, but sometimes up to seven, court documents said.

The paperwork said so far, detectives compiled evidence, including pictures, video and store reports, for 12 incidents. All 12 involved the same Circle K at 35th Avenue and Osborn Road except one. That one happened at 35th Avenue and Monte Vista Road, which is south of Encanto Boulevard. They all happened between April 11 and April 14.

Sometimes he would steal multiple 18 or 24 packs of Michelob, police said. A couple of times he took 18 packs of Tecate, per police. He also stole 30 packs of Bud Light and 18 packs of Budweiser, according to court documents.

Police said a second suspect was with Martinez on three thefts on April 12 and two crimes on April 13. Investigators said they're still trying to get more information on that second person.

Detectives were able to identify Martinez and arrested him at his home about half a mile away from the Osborn Road Circle K, police said.

Martinez admitted to all the thefts except one on April 11, police said. He said he was addicted to fentanyl pills and sold the beer on the streets for about $10 per case to feed his $200-per-day drug habit, according to court paperwork.

He was booked into jail and faces 12 counts of organized retail theft.

His bond was set at $7,500.


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(15) comments


Just throw the little f….ker back over the border


"They are only here for a better life" - Liberals

Agustus Gloop

Mingusdad, I admit and apologize for a poorly written post. It was not my intent to state or imply you are guilty of posting hateful comments. Actually, I have been impressed with the intelligent thought that comes through, in your writing. I am equally impressed with the empathy you display regarding the beer thief and his family. I was referring to the comment board in general. In your reply, you acknowledge the hateful comments surrounding the wall. If building a border wall will deter/extinguish crime, and that is the reason for building it, I’m in 100%. However, up until your post, all I hear when I read these comments is wall = hate…….Tony, I didn’t read the beer thief is here illegally. Right you are, you didn’t say he’s an illegal. However, we are discussing the beer thief and how it relates to the border wall. I’m tired of this connection others attempt, that any crime, anyone of color is guilty as charged and/or illegal and that’s why we need the wall. Stop trying to equate crime with illegals, with need for wall. Next, when you try to emasculate me with stating I didn’t finish high school, you best educate yourself on all the successful, smart and contributing individuals that also didn’t graduate from said level of education. I applaud you for being proud of your heritage. My wife is Mexican and we have been the target of hate based racial comments. I wish I could be proud of my heritage; some is good but other facts haunt me. My people attempted to exterminate the indigenous people upon the land we now call the United States. My ancestors enslaved people based on the color of their skin and executed 6 million people in concentration camps. I wish I had a clean slate as you and my wife do......Wazoolie, If you ever, decide to post something nice about someone, please let it be me, Agustus Gloop. I would love to be a part of history, a miracle.


You really should let go of the past. We all should. Look at world history sometime. Every race of people on this planet is guilty of persecuting someone else. I didn’t do it. You didn’t do it. We should learn from it, but that doesn’t mean we should hold guilt or blame others for what our ancestors did centuries ago. I won’t pay for what they did and you shouldn’t have to either. Work towards a better tomorrow instead of looking back and pointing fingers. Thank you for the compliment. I try to be respectful of others and their view points when I’m on my soapbox.

Agustus Gloop



Thief ! [scared]


This is the real reason we need a border wall. The drugs are killing us and our children. 3 kids arrested with 3200 pills at school this week. A man and his 17 year old son busted with pills they got in Mexico. The list goes on and on. I’m not too worried about the people sneaking in as much as what some of them are bringing with them. This has got to stop. This guys life is probably over and how many more have to die or get to this point before we put a stop to it? I really pity this man and his family and pray for others in the same boat.

Agustus Gloop

I'm curious, if "this is the real reason we need the border wall," what is the false reason? When we went into Iraq, we were told it was for getting WMD. No weapons found so the reason became, "liberate the people." I was against that war from day one, didn't buy into the WMD story. However, if they had sold me the war on "we are going to liberate these people" I would have been pro Iraq war from day one. Back to the wall, I don't trust POTUS, I think his motives are self centered and based on hate. Read over these post and and you get a sense of the connection between the wall and hate. The lack of the wall represents all that is wrong and the dream of the wall represents how all our ailments will be cured. So, sell me the wall on the dream, not on the hate. The hate is omnipresent throughout these comments and every time a read one of those racist post, I push further away from the dream.


Put that crack pipe down, pendejo.

Wayne kenoff

$200 dollar a day fentanyl habit? That foo was addicted to heroin too.


I never once mentioned race. The person in this story is Hispanic and I said I pity him and his family. It’s a terrible waste of a life to become an addict. I never said the reason for a wall was people. I agree that too many want the wall for racist beliefs. I think we need one but it should have welcoming gates for those that want to improve their lives, and so we can crack down on what’s coming into this country. I’ll bet you lock your doors at your home and only let those in that you know or trust. Unless you got to bed with your door wide open, then by your definition you are a racist. This is our home and we have a right and responsibility to screen who and what comes in our front door.

Tony G

I don't know what you are smoking, but get a life! Nothing here was racist. I don't give a hoot what race you are from. If you are a drugged up thief stealing beer to support your habit and just happen to be here illegally, GO HOME! The next time this moron gets desperate enough to want his drugs, it might even be you, Agustus Gloop, who is facing the business end of a knife or gun. The purpose of the wall is to deter those who cannot get here legally because they have a criminal history. It is not to stop those who have legitimate cause and clean records to come here. There is a big difference between racism and deterring criminally minded individuals. If you had finished high school, you might have learned the difference! By the was, my ancestry originates from Guadalajara. They came here legally. They had no criminal records. If they can do it, so can every other legitimate, law abiding soul that wants to be here.


So do you think a wall will cure addiction?

Tony G

Your question bears absolutely no reference to the real issue, but thanks for playing anyway.


Sure don’t. But I’d like to see the flow of supply slowed down.

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