greg romero

Greg was booked into jail on charges of second-degree murder, aggravated assault and aggravated assault against a peace officer.

CONGRESS, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A family fight turned deadly when a man killed his father and tried to stab his mother, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies said 33-year-old Greg Hernandez Romero had been drinking a lot of beer at his home in Congress on Thursday night and when his parents arrived, they got into a fight about his drinking.

After he threw his phone, YCSO said Greg grabbed two large knives and tried to stab his mother. Greg's father, later identified as 63-year-old David Romero, tried to take him down but Greg started attacking him. That's when Greg stabbed David in the chest, deputies said.

He then grabbed another knife and threatened to slit his own throat, accord to YCSO. His mother ran outside and flagged down an off-duty YCSO deputy who restrained Greg until other deputies arrived.

Greg's mother performed CPR on her husband, but he died.

Greg was booked into jail on charges of second-degree murder, aggravated assault and aggravated assault against a peace officer. He is being held without bail, according to YCSO.


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(63) comments


So did all of you arrogant, judgemental keyboard warriors misread the article? THIS TRAGEDY HAPPENED DUE TO AN ARGUEMENT OVER THE MAN'S ALCOHOL PROBLEM... NOWHERE IN THIS ARTICLE DOES IT STATE HE WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANYTHING ELSE. Get your facts straight and learn to read before you make yourselves look even more foolish than you are already.


Calmate, Nessa.


I feel for the mother. Her son on drugs and drinking loses it and kills her husband and tries to kill her. Her heart must be broken.

Wayne kenoff

Meth is one heck of a drug


If I had marked up my face permanently with those terrible tattoos, I would be drinking too....sorry for the father and mother of this piece of garbage and toss him into a pit of rattlesnakes!


Sorry for the parents? I doubt they were the Cleavers with this offspring.

JF Conlon

Was that a double edged joke? You have a keen, sharp wit!


What an example of a fine upstanding citizen. I mean his look, not his actions. He exudes pure class. [rolleyes]

Comment deleted.

Daddy Dummy what are you trying to prove with this black nationalism video? Everyone knows about the radical movement of Malcolm x. Are you trying to suggest a black nationalist movement in happening now? What’s your story on this?


Relative or not, who would be crazy enough to be around this dude.


Imagine telling the Boys in Jail ya I am here because I killed my Dad.


Good example of why post-natal abortions should be fully legal. In every case the punishment should fit the crime.


Prison is where this dude probably belonged long before this, if I was a profiler. No son of mine would ever look like this. A reflection on the values he was raised with.


Take you judgmental BS comments about the family and how he was raised and shove it! You have no clue so STFU!


You made an account just for this? OK.

Tony G

Can anyone say "TROLL"!!!


I can say Tony G is a Troll... so STFU! Lol


No, STFU. You are right. This looks like a wonderful family who raised a loving, kind, handsome, intelligent and murdering child. Results speak for themselves. No judgment needs to be made.


Your son may very well look like that when he is that age. Why? Because he will have been on his own for a while and making 'adult' decisions. I would hope you have the good sense to not let them in your house if they did look like that. Love for a family member can do this.....

Honk Honkler

Diversity is our greatest strength


Where in the holy h ell is Marley? He's the king b ull sh itter around here.

Tony G

Hopefully, he landed head first at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Comment deleted.

Tacoburger - Every time you post that comment I think of the Bruno Mars lyric, "Called a police and a fireman I'm too hot (hot dam.n) Make a dragon wanna retire man I'm too hot (hot d.amn) SAY MY NAME you know who I am..." -Its a Breaking Bad thing. He's supposed to say to me "Your Tacoburger". Then I can say "Your G oddamn Right". His avatar is Heisenburg so he should know what I want him to say.


Hispanic typical.


Racist much! Loser


Hey STFU, I buy Uncle Ben's rice. Am I a racist?


tacoburger buying uncle ben’s rice only makes you a uncle bens rice buyer


Probably, or just a dumb pos....

Tony G

Pot calling the kettle black, eh STFU? You are nothing but a dumba$$ troll!


Buying uncle Ben's rice doesn't make you a racist. Being racist is what makes you a racist. Duh

TRUMP supporter

He is not a racist, he watches your mom working at the donkey show.


Trump Supporter, you make the rest of look bad. I support Trump, but it idiots like you that make people hate Trump and his true supporters. Get educated and stop with your ignorant hate. Go back to your hole.


Sounds like he may have a drinking problem.


Face tats + Criminal behavior. (should) == Immediate death. No excuses. They are ALWAYS linked. Let's start nipping this ugly cr@p in the bud. I see ppl like this in public and scares the poo outta me...(aka makes me wish for an aK).. so hideous & totally ridiculous.


ShadyBear, it’s too late. The bud is in full bloom.


The epitome of brown cancer. Coming soon to neighborhood near you.


Obeylaws- Say my name (Tacoburger) then I can say... Your G oddamn Right


Say. My. Name.

Jack Mormon

I guess you didn't read the one where whitey was caught by his wife raping a 9 year-old girl. Shut your mouth, you have no room to comment on any one particular race!

Stanley Trump

Haha sounds like you got your little feelings hurt! Are you a little bit race sensitive????


Why don’t you die already.




Tu estupido en la cabeza Y esta un joto grande.

TRUMP supporter

Hey greaser I didn't say he was an illegal, but you must be. So, stfu tacoboy.




Did you read the story further down about the white boy who raped a 4 year old?


Brown cancer is that the same as white cancer ?!


Kinda like white cancer, right?... I guess you missed the article of the “white cancer” who raped the 4-year old girl = White cancer


crime cancer coming because judicial system has a bunch of softies... crime cancer here because many people hate police now due to 5% of police who are bad or chicken and should never stay a cop (and the 50% of police who support those 5% are not helping).


Nice tats loser! Now go eat a bullet.


We need to be looking at how we can improve the lives of desperate people. The marginalized groups in our society are at a disadvantage, and unfortunately have to resort to crime as a result. We have to start at the source. Improving the lives of the people our society has cast aside for too long.


You, my friend, live in a fantasy world.

TRUMP supporter

There is a way. Kill all drug dealers and build the wall and deport all illegals.


He wasn’t illegal, you idiot!! Get a clue, you’re an ignorant POS


You think the death penalty for dealing drugs is an appropriate sentence? You must be a truly ignorant fool.


Seriously? Forget that. You are serious. Everything is racism with your type. I think we need to gather you up and ship you off to Iran and North Korea. We'll let you come back periodically and see if you grew any balls and understand real life and appreciation for a Constitutional Republic.


It’s called hard work, motivation, determination, and making the right decisions in your life when you have the opportunity. There are so many success stories of “marginalized people” coming from nothing to reaching their dreams. When people like you choose to victimize people and give them special treatment there is no motivation for them to change- treating people differently because of race or nationality is racism...fancy words for it are affirmative action and identity politics, but make no mistake- it’s racism


Who in Gods H3ll let this clown out of prison. RIP Mr David


An evil person who is a victim of good advice[scared]

Rico Rush

he threatened to slit his own throat.... the office should have just said " yeah go for it, save us the trouble please"


That's what I was thinking. Like why not just call it a win, and save some taxpayer money.





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