Police investigating deadly crash involving bicyclist in Phoenix

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- A man on a motorized bicycle was hit by a car and killed Tuesday morning.

The crash happened in the area of 15th Avenue and Buckeye Road.

According to police, Johnny Lee Nero, 51, was heading south on 16th Avenue, approaching Buckeye Road.

Detective Luis Samudio said Nero ran a stop sign and was hit by a pick-up truck going west on Buckeye Road.

Nero was take to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Police say that driver, a 35-year-old man, stopped and stayed at the scene as required by law. Samudio said he showed no signs of impairment.

Buckeye Road was closed for a time between 15th and 17th avenues, but has since reopened.


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The notion that education is the problem here is absurd. The guy was 50 years old, not 5. Basic common sense tells you not to ride in front of traffic - sign or no sign - law or no law. Bicycles and cars routinely run stop signs and nobody gets hurt. It is the standard behavior when no cross-traffic is near by. And that's the point - even though illegal, bicyclists and drivers almost always slow down first and look for cross-traffic - essentially using stop signs as yield signs. The failure to obey the stop sign wasn't the problem. The failure to slow down and make sure that the coast was clear was. Also. bicycles on sidewalks can make perfectly good sense in a number of circumstances. It is also quite legal to ride your bicycle on a sidewalk in most of Arizona.


common sense - do not ride your bikes on the streets of Phoenix. too scary. lots of other places - safe.


More common sense. Obey traffic laws when riding your bike.


Run stop sign and risk your life. Simple.


What's the highest grade of schooling you've completed?


What part of this did you not understand? "Nero ran a stop sign and was hit by a pick-up truck going west on Buckeye Road"


It's not bikes in the "wrong" place; it's riders and drivers alike who DO NOT KNOW how to share the roads safely with each other. I see it all the time up here in Prescott too. This is 1 of the reasons I serve the city on a committee working to make our streets safer for ALL users; whether drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or alternative mobility users. Too often drivers' education stops at CARS, and cyclists get NO education at all about their rights on the roads, and duties to others USING those same roads to get around. That's where the largest share of the problems arise. Apparently this guy didn't know, or believe, he had the SAME duty to STOP for a stop sign as a car does! The vehicle operator wasn't at fault; the cyclist blew through the stop sign, and he paid with his life for it.


Another case of a bicycle tuning in front of a car and blaming it on the car.


Bikes DO NOT belong on the streets.


Wrong; bikes DO belong on the streets, in fact, in some cases SHARING the lanes with cars! That's the LAW! However, there is a GREAT need for increased education of drivers of cars, riders of bikes, whether motorized or not, and operators of alternative mobility devices that are powered as well, about how they are to interface and share the road spaces!


You are 100% correct, especially about education. I have been trapped behind 5 to 15 bikes riding up the middle of the lane in no passing areas. Of course it was going up hill so they did not get above 5 mph for at least 2 miles, and they did not pull to the right and go single file at any time as the law requires.


Bike lane on 15th. NO bike lane on that part of Buckeye. But buckeye is the portion that is closed. If there is no bike lane, id be on the sidewalk...

Agustus Gloop

Too dangerous on these city streets, why I wish you would stop riding that Harley.


Again, wrong; bikes do not belong on sidewalks. They DO belong on streets, and drivers need to learn they are also responsible to interface safely with cyclists.


But cyclists also have to understand that THEY need to obey the law as well. He ran a stop sign, truck was underway, he got hit. Now his disregard for the rules hurt his family and will forever change the life of the man who hit him.


There is no AZ law against bikes on sidewalks - though local municipalities are allowed to ban bikes on sidewalks. Phoenix does not generally do so. Aside from the law, and beside the statistical fact that riding a bike on sidewalks appears to be less safe than not, there are clearly situations where it make a lot of sense to use sidewalks instead of the street.


Anouther homicide using vehicle Police assisted in.[scared]

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