PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Virginia bride is able to enjoy her honeymoon all because of the actions of a local good Samaritan.

It is a friendship based off money... and money only.

For Katherine Urban and Scottie McDougall, cash is the basis of a truly "rich" bond.

[WATCH: Arizona man returns wallet belonging to woman on honeymoon]

"It's like that thing that they call Karma, and you don't want it bad," McDougall says.

Out of all places, this story starts at a Dunkin Donuts shop in Kingman, Ariz., as Urban was crossing the country on her honeymoon.

"I wanted coffee, it was a quick transaction, and I just put my wallet down like an idiot,” she remembers.

Inside her wallet was $1,000 cash.

Urban and her husband soon hit the road.

That's when McDougall entered the picture, or in this case, the donut shop, and found the wallet.

"It could've been a rich person's money or it could've been their rent,” McDougall says.

The money mission was then on.

McDougall says he went through every credit card, every note, before finding a check.

"The last resort, I looked at the check... and thought, if I call the person on the check, they'd know who it is," he says.

It was a success.

McDougall called one of Urban’s friends, who then reached out to her.

"Oh it was just terrifying to think about all my things... my driver’s license... and all the money we'd saved for this trip," Urban says.

"She said I'm two to three hours away... I'm in Cave Creek... and I thought, 'perfect!' says McDougall.

After several hours, and a hundred plus miles, Urban and McDougall met and the money was returned to it's owner.

"He's just the nicest. I couldn't be luckier that he's the one who found it!" she says.

"She was ecstatic. She almost cried," says McDougall.

For both Urban and McDougall, it’s truly a wealthy connection based entirely off goodwill.


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(12) comments


Since when did Rush Limbaugh give a cr@p about anyone but himself!


Lost a wallet with $1,200 in it back in 1990. Hispanic fellow found it and tracked me down and returned it intact. The guy looked he hadn't eaten in days and wouldn't take a dime from me. I shoved $100 in his pocket for his deed.

Phillup Witgas

I wonder if he would of done that if it belonged to some fat ugly dude.

PhiIIup Witgas

Someone like me.


Great story, the guy reminds me of the late great Bill Austin 99.9, still miss him today, however Beth's doing a great job also. I know she still misses him.


Those aussies would lose thier butx if it wasn't attatched to them . [censored]


When I was a young punk I might not have returned the money but now since I got a taste of life in me I defiantly would have went out of my way to give it to the rightful owner and I would never leave it in the hands of the local Law enforcement to get it back to the person even if I had to spend some money and do some research online on where to find the owner.


Ive returned lost 'wallets'. Do the right thing, pretty simple.


Very good act of kindess! If it was someone else they would of kept the wallet.

Wayne kenoff

“Could’ve been their rent”. Very well said!


more likely drug money. probably was running some E across country.


People with small bank accounts think anything over $100 is drug money.

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