A man faces 19 felony charges after his alleged involvement in a 4-day crime spree than spanned 2 cities

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Mesa police say a man accused in a 4-day crime spree in Mesa and Chandler now faces 19 felony charges. His arrest also reportedly allowed the police department to close six open cases.

Police say 34-year-old Guillermo Reyes, a man they call a "violent offender," was located and taken into custody at a hotel in Chandler On Oct. 9. Mesa police say Reyes went on a four-day crime spree in Mesa and Chandler that began Sept. 29 and ended Oct. 2. The alleged spree included multiple armed robberies, stolen vehicles and aggravated assaults, police say.

Mesa police gave this detailed timeline of Reyes' alleged crimes:

Sept. 29, 6:46 p.m. -Near Mesa Drive and Main Street, Mesa (Diamond Sports Grill)

Police say Reyes opened fire on two victims outside Diamond Sports Grill in Mesa. At least 12 rounds were fired at the victims, who were seated in their vehicle. Both victims suffered minor grazing wounds. Neither victim knew why they were targeted. Witnesses described the shooter as a short, stocky Hispanic male wearing a blue LA Dodgers baseball cap and fleeing in a black Cadillac Escalade.

Sept. 29, 7:13 p.m. - Near Mesa Drive and Brown Road, Mesa

A short distance away, police believe Reyes robbed a third victim at gunpoint and took that victim's purple Mercedes C320. It was at this location (near Mesa Drive and Brown Road) that police found the black Cadillac Escalade, abandoned. While taking the stolen vehicle report, police were approached by three more victims. (Victims #4, 5 and 6.) The trio had been working on a Ford Escape in the parking lot that would not start. Police believe Reyes initially approached them and tried to rob them at gunpoint, but when told the vehicle wouldn't start, he walked away. He allegedly took the Mercedes shortly afterward and drove off.

Sept. 29, 8:11 p.m. - Near McKellips and Higley roads, Mesa (Tom's BBQ)

Police say Reyes then robbed Tom’s BBQ in Mesa at knife point, making this business and employee his seventh and eighth alleged victims. One of those victims, Nick Rolen, described what happened. "He shows me the blunt of a knife and says, 'take a step backwards, I'm going to swing,'" he recalls. "Don't make a scene, don't be a hero, I just want you to give me the money in the register and we can make this be easy for the both of us."

Rolen said Reyes was in the restaurant for about 10 more minutes while waiting for his food, however, Rolen didn't have a chance to safely call for help. 

"I leaned on the table a little bit like this and he started getting really agitated because he thought I was pushing a secret alarm so he was yelling at me then too and every time that happened I just wanted to make sure he knew I wasn't trying anything," Rolen said. 

Rolen said he tried to deescalate the situation while the chefs in the back made the food, unaware of what was really happening. 

"I said, 'don't worry about it I'm going to work you through this, we'll get you out of here happy and satisfied, I just don't want you to feel like you need to hurt anybody and right when he started to ease up I took a couple steps back, made sure I was able to run away if I needed to, make sure I was able to keep him in arms range," Rolen said. "I think he only got away with about $140 and he stole a brownie on the way out too." 

Sept. 29, 11:57 p.m. - Near Guadalupe and Signal Butte roads, Mesa

The night ended just before midnight when officers were dispatched to an abandoned vehicle in the intersection of Guadalupe Road and Springwood Blvd. in Mesa. The vehicle was found to be the stolen Mercedes C320. It was unoccupied and out of gas. Inside the vehicle were discarded food containers from Tom’s BBQ as well as Reyes' fingerprints, police say.

October 1, 6:34 p.m. - Near Mesa Drive and Brown Road, Mesa

Police believe Reyes robbed a ninth victim at gunpoint near Mesa Drive and Brown Road and took that victim's GMC Sierra pickup truck. At the time of the robbery, police say Reyes placed a backpack in the bed of the truck. What Reyes didn't know was that there was a hole in the bed of the truck, and the backpack fell to the ground. Inside the backpack was a blue LA Dodgers baseball cap, police say.

October 2,  4:19 p.m. --Near Chandler Blvd. and Alma School Road, Chandler

The stolen GMC Sierra truck was found abandoned near Chandler Blvd. and Alma School Road in Chandler after being abandoned. Fingerprints belonging to Reyes were found inside, according to police. A short time later, Reyes allegedly robbed a tenth victim on the same street at gunpoint. Police say he forced the victim inside his home and made him take off his clothes. Reyes then allegedly took off his own clothes and put on the victim’s clothing, which included a camouflage shirt. He left his clothes behind and fled in the victim’s blue Ford Mustang, police say.

Oct. 2, around 4:30 p.m. -- Dobson and Ray roads, Chandler. (Fry's)

Next, police say Reyes went to a Fry’s Grocery Store located at the corner of Dobson and Ray roads in Chandler. Here, he allegedly robbed an eleventh victim at gunpoint. Police say Reyes stole the victim's  silver Jeep Grand Cherokee and then drove off into Mesa. 

Oct. 2, 4:53 p.m. - Near Baseline and Dobson roads, Mesa

Police say Reyes ran into a twelfth victim’s garage in a neighborhood near Baseline and Dobson roads,in Mesa. Police say he stole an Infiniti Q40 at gunpoint. The victim said the suspect was wearing a camouflage shirt. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was left at the scene as Reyes allegedly took off in yet another stolen vehicle.

Oct. 4, 2020 - Tempe Marketplace

Two days later, the Infiniti Q40 was recovered at the Tempe Marketplace. Police say they found Reyes' fingerprints in the vehicle, along with the camouflage shirt belonging to the victim of the blue Ford Mustang and a receipt for Walgreens. Video surveillance from the Walgreens showed a man wearing the camouflage shirt entering the store after the robbery. This victim reported numerous credit cards stolen at the time Reyes allegedly took the Infiniti Q40. Police say two of those credit cards were used on at least three occasions after the robbery.

Oct. 6, 2020 - Scottsdale (Fry's)

One of the stolen credit cards was used at a Fry’s Grocery Store in Scottsdale. Video from that Fry’s allegedly shows Reyes making a purchase.

Oct. 8, 11 p.m. - Chandler

Police located Reyes at a Chandler hotel, and he allegedly barricaded himself in a room. Chandler Police’s SWAT team responded 

Oct. 9, 1:30 a.m. - Chandler 

A few hours later, Reyes surrendered and was taken into custody. A search warrant was executed on Reyes's hotel room and police say they recovered a handgun loaded with red tipped ammunition. This ammunition matched a live round found at the scene of the shooting at Diamond Sport’s Grill.

Reyes was booked into Mesa City Jail for 19 felony charges, including multiple aggravated assaults, theft, misconduct with weapons, armed robbery, burglary, theft of a credit card and kidnapping.


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