Chandler family fight death

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A man is dead after a family fight led to a shooting in Chandler.

The incident happened at a house near Gilbert and Chandler Heights roads on Thursday morning.

Chandler police responded to a call about a reported shooting around 8:30 a.m.

When officers arrived, they discovered 62-year-old Charles Vallow unresponsive, and suffering from two gunshot wounds to his chest. Vallow, a resident of Texas, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators learned that Vallow had gone to the home to pick up his son.

Vallow’s estranged wife resides at the home with their son and her daughter. Vallow’s brother-in-law was also in the residence.

While at the home, Vallow and his wife got into an argument.

Fearing the argument would elevate to a physical altercation between Vallow and his estranged wife, police say that Vallow’s brother-in-law intervened on behalf of his sister.

Soon, Vallow and his brother-in-law were in a physical fight.

At one point during the fight, police say Vallow struck his brother-in-law in the head with a baseball bat.

Soon after, Vallow was shot by his brother-in-law, according to police.

After he allegedly shot Vallow, the brother-in-law called 911 and performed CPR on Vallow until emergency medical personnel arrived at the home.

Vallow’s estranged wife and brother-in-law were brought to the Chandler Police Department for questioning.

The two have since been released.

No one has been arrested and no charges have been filed at this time.

When the investigation has been completed, the case will be sent to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review.


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(30) comments


This is bigger story because it’s NOT the west side.




quality peeps lol


Family reunion may be a little awkward this year.


BTW, in case anyone hasn't already seen it, the murderer who killed the guy in Gilbert then killed himself in face aka 26-year-old Alfredo Armando Prieto Jr.


Hi how do you know this?? Did they Release a name? I never saw this?? Where can I find that this information


Fortunately there was a firearm available to immediately end this petty dispute. We need MORE GUNS in this world so we can solve these problems... But instead of talking about gun control (gasp!!) you rubes would rather flail away and waste your time debating geography. Typical folly of the illiterate - why discuss a difficult topic when we can debate a line on a map...


Please, inform us lower class "rubes", of your answer to gun violence? I know that most of "you" want to make all guns go away. The problem with having a conversation with "you" people is you have to get past the fact that you can NOT make all guns go away. Get past that, and we can talk. While you are melting within yourself, take a look go with the usual talking point( since its such an accurate one). CHICAGO. Some of the most strict guns laws on the books. The keyword is "laws" by the way. Explain why so many laws, same laws you want, wont keep the 700+ murders by guns every year in that shthole. Cuz you have the what is it? BTW ill give you a hint: There is no answer. Further restricting people who follow the laws will do nothing in changing the behavior of the people who BREAK the law; EXCEPT in some cases, will make the criminals more brazen, as they will know that less people can protect themselves. but you think its the answer to all of the problems..yes?


According to the report, first guy got hit in head with baseball bat, then the gun was used. Perfectly fine, kinda like Paper, Scissors, Rock. Who brings a bat to a gunfight, anyway?




trs - OL's continued pretentiousness keeps me mildly entertained and chuckling.


Tom - Turn it down a notch. I don't pretend to have all the answers nor am I foolish to think for one nanosecond that all the guns will go away (nor have I ever claimed that.) Why must "you" people automatically turn to histrionics and spurious correlations? As you say "there is no answer" but does the mean we just give up and refuse to even discuss it rationally? It's akin to saying "if cancer doesn't kill you some other malady will so why bother with any medical research."


Well no we should not stop talking. BUT you get reactions like mine, when people like me constantly see remarks like yours on EVERY gun related story. " Just what we need...more guns!" thats so ret@rded. Off topic, i just made a freaking killer cheddar biscuits and sausage grav from 100% scratch! yuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!!


Yadda, yadda, yadda, Babble, babble just like the Idiot in your photo! LOL


You seem to think I have some kind of anonymous typing vendetta against you, OL. But the truth is, I enjoy your snarky and cogent comments about guns. This country is awash in guns, and in gun violence. It's easily proven. Also easily proven that better gun control is a public health concern.


You think getting hit in the head with a baseball bat is a petty dispute?


E shoots a 50 year old man, whats next, a 70 year old woman. [scared]


Growing up in Boston, there were this mid-cartoon mini shows/commercials that started with "Who's the most important person in the whole wide world? It's YOU, come on we'll show you!" Looking back, I cannot help but wonder if that was the beginning of all the nonsense that goes on today. Early indoctrination of the "me" culture...


How in the world does a family altercation lead to a shooting/murder? Can't somebody just leave and cool down for awhile? Should incorporate civility classes and conflict resolution education into the schools. May not help now, but will eventually, you would think.


Great Caesars Ghost! In the annals of history there have never been any words to the wiser. This comment is indeed recognized for it's wisdom, authority and lucidity.


Cut and paste much?


Busted :(


Unfortunately Very Quickly and Easily! Is the answer to your first question Marley, the last part of what you said Civility went out the window Long ago! We (being the balanced people on here) Expect way too much from everyone else=Common Sense! For majority of people that is way beyond their comprehension!


What is it about the east valley elite? Name these people.


True - they like to tell everyone (and themselves, especially) that they are "better, smarter, etc." simply because of where they chose to live. Yet these news reports reveal that they are just as much a mess as anyone else, living anywhere else. Maybe those "East Valley Elite" folks are even more messed up because they keep telling themselves that lie.

JF Conlon

Oh yeah, the tookie tribe, they'll be right along.


Already here. Tukee IS WAY better :) Yeah bad stuff happens everywhere.Go to az families main page and you will see they story of the guy who killed his wife..right in good ole tukee. BUT that happened quite a while ago. For the sake of time, just goto Phoenix PD crime page, where they have a map of all reported crimes, then look at home many crimes happened in the entire "area of tukee" then take that same amount of "area", and place it on any part of west phx, s phoenix, mesa, or even chandler. See how many crimes were in THOSE areas. yeahhhhhhhh there is cr@p everywhere. There is just a LOT LESS there. :*


There are less bars over that way, so they come down to college town and Scottsdale to party with us losers in our dumpster dives.


The more money you got, the less light shines on your identity. Buy my antivirus. 🛰


Uh oh. Can't wait to hear more about this one.

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