Jay Christopher Case mugshot

Case was arrested on Tuesday in Tempe and did not answer any questions from police. 

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A man has been arrested after using a piece of metal wire to choke his coworker before others stopped him, police say. 

On Monday afternoon, police arrived at a local company near 7th Avenue and Broadway Road where other employees said they had to physically stop 41-year-old Jay Christopher Case from choking and killing his coworker. According to the victim, he was working at a sand blasting machine when he saw gloves come around his head and felt a metal wire wrap around his neck, causing him to struggle to breathe. The victim said he and Case fell backwards, then he kicked Case in the face before coworkers came to help. After Case was stopped, he left the business.

According to court documents, the victim said he doesn't know why Case attacked him and said he never had any problems with him before. He also added him and Case rarely spoke to each other. Two witnesses also told police the two coworkers had minimal contact and were unaware of any issues between the two men.

One witness told officers he was sitting in his office when he heard yelling outside. He went out to find the victim on the ground with the metal wire around his neck, with blood coming from his mouth. According to court paperwork, Case was standing over the victim, holding him on the ground while pulling the wire upwards. The witness said he heard the words, "I'll kill you" during the attack.  

A second witness also told police he heard commotion, and saw Case choking the victim before dropping him to the ground. While the victim was on the ground, Case continued to hold him down and continue choking him, the witness said. The witness said he stopped Case by pulling him away from the victim, but believed if they did not stop him, Case would have killed the other man. 

Case was arrested on Tuesday in Tempe and did not answer any questions from police. The charges Case faces is pending. 

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