PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The man charged with shooting and killing an off-duty Tempe Fire captain in Scottsdale last year was found guilty of second-degree murder.

A jury reached the decision on Wednesday afternoon and read the verdict against Hezron Parks.

[WATCH: Friends, family react to man convicted of murdering Tempe Fire captain in Scottsdale]

Parks was also found guilty of two disorderly conduct charges. But jurors were unable to reach a verdict on two aggravated assault charges.

The jury did find aggravating factors in the case. Parks' sentencing is set for Aug. 30 at 8:30 a.m. 

[WATCH: Man convicted of second-degree murder in shooting death of Tempe Fire captain]

Parks was on trial in connection to the murder of Capt. Kyle Brayer.

"The justice system ran its course. It worked and we're going to miss Kyle," said Don Jongewaard, president of the Tempe Chapter Local 493 International Association of Firefighters.

"We love him and we miss him, and we wish he was here," he said. 

"We respect the judicial process and appreciate all those who brought the trial to this resolution," Chief Greg Ruiz with the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department said in a statement.

Parks' sister wasn't happy with the verdict.

[RAW VIDEO: Reading of verdict in court]

"We're pretty shook up. We were hoping for something different but we're praying for the best," said Michelle Parks, Hezron's sister.

Michelle felt jurors should have been more lenient since Hezron didn't have any priors.

"I felt the verdict was unfair because, like me, I'm a dual citizen. He could've left so I feel like the verdict was unfair towards him," Michelle said.

Back on Feb. 3, 2018, Brayer had been riding on a golf cart with friends when prosecutors said Hezron started driving closely, nearly hitting the golf cart. When Brayer got out to talk to him, Hezron shot and killed him, police said.

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Police said Hezron took off that night, but turned himself in hours later.

The guilty verdict comes after weeks of hearing testimony from the other people who were on that golf cart, as well as Hezron, who took the stand claiming he felt threatened and fired in self defense.

[WATCH: Man accused of killing Tempe Fire Captain takes the stand in court]

Hezron said he left not knowing what happened and turned himself in after his brother showed him reports that a man had been shot in Scottsdale.

Brayer was 34 years old and was a proud veteran. 

You can read the full statement from Ruiz below.

This has been a difficult time for Capt. Paramedic Kyle Brayer’s family, friends and brothers and sisters in the fire service.

Today, a guilty verdict of second-degree murder has been handed down in his death. We respect the judicial process and appreciate all those who brought the trial to this resolution.

We still grieve for Kyle but hope to find peace through our memories of him and our continued support of his family. While we know the verdict will not bring Kyle back, we feel justice has been served.


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(15) comments


As Usual I am Surprised by some of the comments on here and those of you blaming the Victim should be ashamed of yourselves, He is no longer here to defend himself. Why because this little jerkoff shot him for no other reason than because he was trying to be a Big man with a Gun, How often do we see or hear about such incidents? Way too often... I have been waiting for this Verdict and am very Glad it turned out the way it did! I am not by any means racist but who cares IF the punk could have taken off? he had no right to shoot a Unarmed Person just because the guy got off a golf cart and went to talk to him doesn't give one the right to shoot first while supposedly Not even looking at the person? Seriously??? I don't care who any person Is I would really like to believe this would be the outcome for Everyone. Just because this particular punk had no priors his One Bad act was a Huge one.. No one has the right to take another's life and walk away Free, I do hope this punk with the gun gets Life in Prison since we know he won't get Death and we're going to have to pay to care for him forever anyway! Very Glad in this Case the Justice system Worked...


If the victim had not been a valley fire captain would the killer have been charged with 2nd degree murder? If the victim had been some dirt bag in South Phoenix would the killer have been charged with manslaughter instead of 2nd degree murder? I think so. This case was over charged and it's because of who the victim was. The law should be applied equally to all.


This was an avoidable death. So sorry for the victim's family.


Yes ... w/ all the Capt Kyle / veteran stuff ... I think this guy will possibly get a retrial w/ a change of venue ... He should if the lawyer is decent. As someone already said ... the tough gun in the booze cart should have stayed in the booze cart and called the police if there was a problem. He would be alive today.


None of this would've happened if tough guy stayed in the cart!!! I am a paramedic and worked with the victim. Good dude but cocky. Not saying he deserved to be killed but in situations like these and with everyone carrying a gun, they should have called the cops!!!! He wouldn't have died!!!! The verdict is too heavy for the circumstances...


yeah, i know it's not cool to ever "blame the victim", however a lot of these incidents, from assaults to murders could've most likely been avoided by the victim. i am even guessing the kid at the circle K cocked off to that crazy homeless guy. if someone cuts you off in traffic, it is not worth it to even give the finger and escalate a volatile situation. you gotta lay low to survive on the streets.




So glad the jury got it right. I was a possible juror and couldn't believe the first time I get picked for jury duty was for this trial. As soon as the judge introduced the father in the courtroom, I knew exactly what the case was and got dismissed. I couldn't believe the lawyer was going for a self defense excuse. Made me sick. I felt so sorry for Kyle's dad. I hope Hezron suffers every day of his life. He didn't just take a man, he took a hero.


That sister of his sounds like a piece of work. Why do we allow people like this in our country? People should have to earn their way into our country and prove they are worthy of being in the U.S. The standard should not be as low as it is for people to be allowed into our country.


Apparently Our standards are pretty Low We let you in Our Country!


Yeah, that sister is a piece of work. "Oh, he didn't run to another country and it's only the first time he murdered someone, so shouldn't we be extra lenient?" It's ironic that this jackhole uses the excuse about being afraid for his life when he's the one that makes the rest of us fear for out lives. I do not doubt he was driving like a **** and that he was endangering others, then when he's confronted he shoots an unarmed guy because he's a ******... A little gun control would be nice, because all it does if give cops excuses to murder people and these cowardly thugs the means. Honestly, if the gov't comes for us a million ar-15's wont be enough against drones etc...


"I felt the verdict was unfair because, like me, I'm a dual citizen. He could've left so I feel like the verdict was unfair towards him," Michelle said. What? He’s some sort of dual citizen and he was nice enough to hang around for the trial and should’ve never been convicted of 2nd degree murder? Please tell me that’s not her attitude towards the American legal system.


Have you ever served on a jury and seen your "peers" out there?? Be afraid, be very afraid...


I was actually part of the Jury Selection for this case. 1 out of 100. The 14 they picked seemed like good folk.


Not only murderer, liar as well.[ohmy]

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