Robert Starr

Robert Starr, 40, arrested for sexual assault.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Scottsdale police have arrested a man they say raped a woman in a parking garage last month.

According to court documents, the suspect, 40-year-old Robert Starr, met the victim outside a bar in late May.

Starr was standing outside with his dog and the victim, who was walking by, stopped to pet his dog and began talking to him. 

The two then agreed to get a drink together. After getting a drink at a nearby bar, they left in the Starr's car to go to another bar. 

The victim told police that Starr started to drive into a parking garage and when she asked where they were going, Starr slapped her and said, "Shut up, [expletive]."

The victim said Starr pulled her out of his car by the hair and slammed her against a concrete pillar and raped her. He then jumped back in the car and sped off. 

The victim ran to a nearby restaurant and used their phone to call police.

Police said when they spoke to the victim, her dress was dirty and she was visibly disheveled and upset.

Detectives viewed surveillance video that confirmed the victim's timeline of events and that her dress was in tact earlier in the day, documents state.

An employee from the bar the told police the suspect was Robert Starr and had a credit card slip with Starr's name.

Starr was tracked down by police and arrested Tuesday at his home. He faces one count of sexual assault and one count of kidnapping. 


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(21) comments

Agustus Gloop

Arizona's Family Knights of Righteous Rule #4: Always blame the victim.


Just like the jack a-sses you all are, blaming the victim. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS IT OK TO SMACK AROUND A WOMAN AND RAPE HER. I’m positive that if this was a black man or anyone other than white trash doing this to this woman you a-ss holes would be p-issed. Goes to show exactly what type of a-ss holes you are


If you think he looks manly you should see his sisters![scared]


another California junk[batman]


So she just met him, and went on a date with him to a bar? dam...

Wayne kenoff

She sounds easy. He most likely could’ve smashed without slapping her [sleeping] THOTS make the world go round[thumbup][rolleyes]


and you sound like a moron, too bad it wasn't your sister.


well...she must have been easy. Pet a dog and get in a strangers car. Sounds like she was walking the streets and got what she deserved.


Not that it is her fault he raped her, but why in the h3ll did she agree to have a drink(s) with him then get in his car? As someone else said it sounds like she is a hooker.


Sure it is. She petted a dog and left with a stranger. How much more stupid you gonna get? You her daddy?


As I have said before, you have no mind to call your own.


Wait a minute, give me a second.................! Yep, he's white! On to the next news article.


You mean the other articles where non-whites are stealing, beheading dogs, shooting/killing everything that moves? Yes, by all means, let's move on to them, pendejo.


Why does it pi$$ you off so much!


and what are you? Brown? you're a azz licker and can't wait for your next 15 minutes of fame with bogus video. Get back in the cotton field.


Yep you mindless tvrd, you are a 13 year old troll.


MyOwnMind you’re a racist piece of s-hit. You need to hitch your trailer up and head back to wherever it is that your kind is accepted. F-ucking trailer trash


What I'd like to know is what the dog was doing during all of this? Depending on how the chick looked she could be charged with animal cruelty.


Castrate the SOB


Need more info, but there was clearly a "relationship" between these two and a bit of alcohol as well.


From the details, we don't know what to believe.

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