GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- State GOP officials are asking the state attorney general's office to look into possible free speech violations at a Gilbert high school after students say they were asked to leave campus for wearing "Make America Great Again" attire.

In a letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, state Republicans are asking for an investigation into possible free speech violations.

Monday morning saw protests outside of Perry High School in response to Friday's incident.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Perry HS students say they were 'disrespected' for wearing MAGA gear on 'USA Day']

A dozen people protested outside of Perry High School Monday morning just as students were coming in to start their school day. 

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The protesters were seen wearing and raising flags supporting President Donald Trump.

The protest occurred just days after several Perry High School students said they attended the school's "USA spirit day" wearing "Make America Great Again" apparel and carrying a Trump flag.

Students said they were asked to remove their merchandise and get off campus.

The students added that it was because of what they were wearing and say they were being punished for their political views.

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Perry High School principal Dan Serrano sent an email to parents over the weekend.

In the email, Serrano said a group of students caused a disruption at lunch and then stirred up another scene after school.

Principal Serrano said that only one student is actually facing disciplinary action and that it had nothing to do with politics.

The one student will be told of their punishment later on Monday and if they will actually be suspended.

Brnovich sent the following statement regarding the incident:

We are familiar with media reports of the incident, and have received the letter. We will comment further when we have more facts.


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(11) comments


The least you could do is be honest. There were 60-70 people there to support the students and parents. The support event was scheduled for 7:00-9:00 AM. Some people started leaving just after 8:00 so they could get to work on time. The support of passing traffic was overwhelmingly in favor of the students and parents that we're targeted on Friday. This event was scheduled with less than 24 hours notice. I'd say that was a pretty good turnout for a Monday morning. Shame on channel 5 for their out right lies.


Time to let some of those "Red For ED" Liberal educators know that hey live/work in a Red State and they might just find this "push back" at work and at home !!!

Mark G

AwWwwww.. It's always so cute when cowards puff up their little chests and advocate violence. ...Unfortunately? I'd say it's time for new glasses.. I say that because the image quite clearly shows an even dozen unemployables who, for the most part, are way past "pushing" anything without the need for a doctor's note.


Mark G the big tough man behind his keyboard. Never served in the military. But you served hamburgers at Mcdonalds.


So you would approve of an underpaid, overworked teacher teaching your child? AZ schools are a joke, and I guess to you, everyone should just shut up and take it, especially the teachers.


It is about time that Conservatives make their support for our President known, although it will not get near the coverage that a Socialist event would.

Mark G

“Conservative” ...don’t make me laugh! There is nothing “conservative” about Trump Or his followers.. Unless, of course, your definition of “Conservative” includes kowtowing to those who attack the United States of America while undermining confidence in those who keep us safe? ... includes those who show utter disregard for law and order three or four times a day via desperate “tweets” made in the vain hope to keep themselves out of jail? ...If conservatism includes those who put on daily very-public exhibitions of Zero Morality, Zero Decency, Zero Christianity, Massive Quotients of Ignorance and Little Intelligence? ... If “conservative” to you is kneeling to those who strengthen our enemies hands while attacking global strategic allies all while engaging in a variety of textbook (though sometimes entertaining), psychological disorders? ...If you think “conservative”, and define them as “Draft Dodging Cowards, Who Like to engage in Corrupt levels of Self Service, Bone Idle Laziness, lifting up White Supremacists and all They stand for.. if it includes those who Lie – Constantly. Those who have zero regard for the Constitution of The United States? Those who show utter disrespect for our over-deployed Troops by using them as props for non-existent issues, and those who denigrate Men and Women in Uniform for the purpose of cheap applause lines by those who’re equally lacking? . If you think a Conservative is the type to brag about being the king of debt while ballooning deficits? Who put Farmers on welfare with their idiotic tariffs, ....oh, the list can go on-and-on-and-on!!! ....Then ”Trump” and his followers, just might be “conservative” ;0)


You must be writing about the Clinton and Obama people.

TRUMP supporter

Hey mark g spot I am glad to see that you are perfect. About the farmers, you might want to research how they are really paid.

JF Conlon

Americans elected trump on the premise that "Ignorance is Beautiful". Sloganeering and name-calling (through social media) are accepted as useful dialogue. These students are only following the examples adults set for them. Trump is basically uneducated (and proud of it, as was Palin) and unfortunately this is the trend in the US right now; this kerfuffle is the natural result. Doesn't anyone remember how trump became (in)famous to begin with? Anyway, thanks for your comments, although I can't agree with the farmers part either.

JF Conlon

Yes, those bats were definately rabid. Please get these people their rabies shots NOW!!!! (is this what "going viral" means?)

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