GILBERT, AZ ( 3TV/ CBS 5 ) - In just a few months, Gun Club 82 will open in a growing entertainment area of Gilbert.

One side of the building has a restaurant and bar. And just a few steps away, they have a live shooting range.

[WATCH: Is booze and bullets safe at new Gilbert gun club?]

How are guns and alcohol, together, a good idea?

The owner said they’re paving the way in safety.

“Alcohol and guns never mix. And that’s the bottom line,” owner Rod Ghani said.

And when he said it, he meant it. Literally.

“We are physically scanning every drivers’ license for anyone that orders a drink,” he said.

Ghani said their biggest concern is safety. So, he invented technology where if somebody buys a drink, their ID will deny them access into the live shooting range for 24 hours.

“That is the extra precaution," Ghani said. "The extra step that we are doing, that no one else has actually done."

For those who may have health concerns with the ammo being fired, they also invested over a million dollars into an air filtration system that's used in hospital operating rooms.

“The entire air capacity of the room is cleaned every 60 seconds,” said Mark Johnson, the facility’s chief operating officer.

They hope that rather than people worrying about safety, the safeguards and other activities they have in place like laser-shooting can even cater to kids.

In a couple of months, the rooftop will feature a DJ, food and music.

Johnson and Ghani said they hope families will come up to that part of the building.

“Bullets are made out of lead. And lead is number 82 on the periodic table.

So, we’re the club of the lead of the bullets,” said Ghani, in case you're wondering where the name Gun Club 82 came from.


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(24) comments


Wow. What a trumptopia. They should arrest anyone who steps foot in this place.

Stanley Trump

They should arrest you crybaby


Lancelot suck 8==========D


Uuummm, ok.


You must be his batch lol.


He is already 1.4 million over budget and not paying contractors. This business is set fial withing 6 moths of opening. Horrible business idea and plan, followed by a shady owner. This idea is a farse and riddled with problems. Way to go Town of Gilbert, big fail signing off on this .


Just keep libs out of there, safe as can be.


Boozing, Guns, and Shooting were not well received in the olden days.


kc - Neither were gays, bisexuals, or transgenders... What's your point?


Where is my buddy Marley? I figured he would be all over this article. Incognito perhaps, Stanley Trump?

Stanley Trump

Hello friend I am here. I think it’s a great idea, sounds like good fun. Shoot a few rounds to make sure your aim stays sharp and then quench your thirst with a few brews. Sounds like a fine establishment my friend 😃

JF Conlon

Sounds like deer season in northern Wisconsin. Excluding deer and trees. Including wives, small children and devices.


Well ...there you go ... Drinking and guns "don't mix" in the indoor range ... but ... they mix just fine in the parking lot. 😕 Will at least be a great place to make some sales (in the parking lot!!) ...

Wayne kenoff

So what’s the point of this exactly? You have a range and a bar. However, you can’t shoot within 24 hours of ordering a drink. So I don’t see the logic in this. Responsible gun owners already know they can’t carry if they’re drinking


Wayne - It's mostly so rednecks can drink and still legally be in the proximity of guns and others who worship them. It's very intoxicating and sexually arousing for them simply to be in this environment. It's kind of like a singles hook-up bar for men with small sex organs where they won't be judged. You yourself know how aroused you get at the faint whiff of gun lubricant and gunpowder. No worries, what could possibly go wrong....

Wayne kenoff


Stanley Trump

Uh oh, is someone afraid of guns??? Are you also afraid of cars, knifes, tobacco, people’s hands, alcohol, drugs, and falls from ladders and rooftops since they kill more people annually then guns? Being afraid of guns sounds kind of silly when you apply real logic to it doesn’t it? Have a great day and be nice to everyone!

Tony G

Only vulcans think with true logic and believe logic is the answer to everything. A cling on like you is like your stinky logic, worthy of noting more than to be wiped away and flushed to the cesspool.


Stanley - If you're referring to me, I'm afraid of rednecks with guns, not guns themselves. (No gun ever hurt anyone until a human touched it.) BIG distinction there that I wouldn't expect a person like you who drags out those tired, moronic, irrelevant comparisons to comprehend...


OK, everyone follow closely and theoretically grasp this concept. After enjoying an afternoon of shooting at the range, said shooter and company enjoys an evening of dinner and drinks at the same establishment. Brilliant and progressive, isn't it?


I always carry my gun into bars with no problems.


As you should! Long live Libertarianism!




The streets have always had liquor and drugs, what do you think saloons were, happy Mcdonald kid meal restaurants.[huh]

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